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Crossword Clues for CONDO

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Clue Source Date
Owned housing unit USA Today 02 Oct 2020
Homebuyer's option Eugene Sheffer 02 Sep 2020
Apartment alternative USA Today 06 May 2020
Many a time-share The Washington Post 05 Oct 2019
Zillow listing New York Times 13 Jul 2019
Type of high-rise dwelling Newsday 07 Apr 2019
Complex dwelling The Washington Post Sunday 31 Mar 2019
Housing choice The Washington Post 20 Mar 2019
Weeklong vacation rental, maybe New York Times 14 Jan 2019
Certain apt Universal 18 Dec 2018
Home buyer's option Universal 01 Oct 2018
Complex purchase, in brief New York Times 27 Sep 2018
Timeshare, often Wall Street Journal 18 Sep 2018
Many a city dwelling, for short USA Today 19 Aug 2018
Owned apt Universal 05 Jun 2018
Co-op alternative Wall Street Journal 05 Jun 2018
Apartment that's owned Family Time 29 Apr 2018
Beachfront rental, perhaps Newsday 18 Jan 2018
Owned apt.
Certain apt.
Airbnb listing New York Times 13 Oct 2017
Apartment type The Washington Post 08 Aug 2017
Alternative to a co-op New York Times 24 Jul 2017
Many a summer home USA Today 18 Jun 2017
Owned apartment, briefly Universal 26 May 2017
Tenant-owned apartment Newsday 26 Apr 2017
Home buyer's choice The Washington Post 19 Apr 2017
Housing unit The Chronicle of Higher Education 07 Apr 2017
High-rise unit, perhaps USA Today 27 Mar 2017
Component of some complexes Newsday 10 Dec 2016
How some townhouses have gone Newsday 24 Sep 2016
Many a beach rental LA Times Daily 15 Sep 2016
Note sung by the Folsom Prison Glee Club? Wall Street Journal 22 Jun 2016
Many a downtown apartment The Washington Post 26 May 2016
Owned apartment, for short USA Today 25 Nov 2015
Individually owned apartment Eugene Sheffer 28 Aug 2015
Apartment owned by the resident, for short Newsday 13 Jul 2015
Complex unit Universal 02 Jun 2015
Owned apartment Newsday 12 May 2015
House alternative New York Times 17 Apr 2015
Upscale living quarters, briefly Universal 02 Feb 2015
Unit in a high-rise, perhaps
Kind of flat
Home suite home?
Time-share unit
High-rise unit
Jersey Shore vacation option
Complex thing?
Time-share apartment
Resident-owned apartment
Dweller-owned apartment
Deeded apartment
Apartment owned by the resident
Time-share unit, often
Multiple-unit complex, for short
Might be bought after first hit
Residential unit
Upscale living quarters
Apartment that's owned, not leased
Vacation home, perhaps
Dwelling that often has fees
Co-op kin
Beachfront digs, maybe
Second home, perhaps
Apartment owned by a resident
Type of apartment
One place to live
Urban unit
Florida real-estate listing
Upscale abode
Oceanfront flat, perhaps
Flat on the water, perhaps
Duplex, maybe
Unit in a multiunit building
Fancy apartment not for fancy party (5)
Residential building
Pad, of a sort
Dwelling in the 'burbs
Oceanfront flat, often
'Burbs dwelling
Realtor's listing
Florida dwelling
Apartment for sale
Paid-for flat
Vacation home, at times
Long term apt.
Modern home
Townhouse type
Resort pad
Attached dwelling
Delray Beach dwelling
Modern dwelling
Purchased apartment
Oceanfront flat
Multiple-unit complex
Kind of apartment
Miami beachfront property?
'Burb abode
Yuppie's home
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.