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Crossword Clues for CORNY

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Clue Source Date
Over-sentimental The Times Concise 15 May 2020
Old and stale (informal) The Sun Two Speed 27 Nov 2019
Like bad jokes in Cape or New York? The Sun Two Speed 27 Nov 2019
Like an awful 43-Across USA Today 05 Oct 2019
Like dad jokes The Washington Post 28 May 2019
Like most 'dad jokes' USA Today 15 Apr 2019
Trite, sentimental The Times Concise 13 Aug 2018
Like terrible puns USA Today 19 Jul 2018
Hokey Thomas Joseph 30 May 2018
Cliché-ridden Newsday 14 Jan 2018
Like groaner humor New York Times 18 Oct 2017
Like many bar jokes The Washington Post 14 Apr 2017
Like grandpa's jokes, probably LA Times Daily 20 Feb 2017
Trite, as jokes Newsday 12 Feb 2017
Like many vaudeville comics Wall Street Journal 24 Dec 2016
Cheesy The Telegraph Quick 21 Dec 2016
Old-fashioned, as humor Newsday 18 Sep 2016
Unfunny due to 64 Down Newsday 14 Aug 2016
Mawkishly sentimental Newsday 24 Jul 2016
Like a Kansan's trite joke? Universal 20 Jun 2016
Like groaners New York Times 29 May 2016
Like many knock-knock jokes LA Times Daily 13 Apr 2016
Like some bad jokes Family Time 20 Dec 2015
Over-sentimental; trite The Times Concise 12 Aug 2015
Naval commander unknown to be so trite The Times Cryptic 26 Jan 2015
Like some awful jokes
Like many puns
Trite, as a joke
Far from side-splitting
Not subtle, as humor
Trite, joke-wise
Like "Hee Haw" humor
Like most "Hee Haw" jokes
Hardly scintillating
Lame, as a joke
Like a trite joke
Groanworthy, as a joke
Too earnest and old-school
Groan-inducing, maybe
Like some sorry jokes
Unsophisticated, as humor
Not very innovative
Like some groaners
Hokey, as a joke
Like a stale joke
See 35-Down
Like Kansas in August?
Like the joke about the Iowa farmer?
Like many an old joke
Like some jokes
Like some old jokes
Hardly sophisticated
Jokes, sometimes
Like Kansas?
Groan-inducing, perhaps
Tiresomely unsubtle
Like some humor
Like Kansas in August
Lacking in subtlety
Trite and mawkish
Like an old joke
Lacking subtlety
Old-fashioned informally
Joke style
Vaudevillian, in a way
Predictable, as humor goes
Like many a joke
Like this puzzle?
Full of clichés
Like some oaters
Word for some jokes
Trite: Informal.
Trite: Colloq.
Like Kansas in August.
Banal: Slang.
Banal: Colloq.
Unsophisticated: Slang.
Certainly not camp.
Trite: Slang.
Not hip.
Hackneyed: Slang.
Trite and tiresome.
Trite with age: Slang.
Tiresomely trite.
Sentimental: Slang.
Old-fashioned: Slang.
Outworn, trite: Colloq.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.