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Crossword Clues for COTS

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Clue Source Date
Rollaway beds Newsday 06 Oct 2020
Camp beds Newsday 05 Jul 2020
Foldable beds Universal 07 Jun 2020
Rudimentary beds USA Today 28 May 2020
Summer camp beds USA Today 03 May 2020
Camp equipment The Washington Post 09 Feb 2020
Beds on a base Universal 20 Dec 2019
Simple beds USA Today 15 Dec 2019
No-frills beds Newsday 08 Dec 2019
Foldup beds Premier Sunday 08 Dec 2019
Fold-up beds New York Times 03 Nov 2019
Barracks beds Wall Street Journal 21 Oct 2019
Shelter beds USA Today 20 Oct 2019
Shelter lineup USA Today 24 Aug 2019
Collapsible beds The Washington Post 12 Aug 2019
Portable places to sleep New York Times 05 May 2019
Portable beds Universal 23 Apr 2019
Bunk array The Washington Post 14 Apr 2019
Hotel rollouts New York Times 31 Mar 2019
Hotel room roll-ins USA Today 16 Mar 2019
MASH beds USA Today 21 Jan 2019
Evacuation center beds The Washington Post 15 Oct 2018
Sacks for soldiers Universal 24 Jul 2018
Foldout beds Premier Sunday 01 Jul 2018
Evacuation center array Wall Street Journal 19 Apr 2018
Items at an emergency shelter New York Times 18 Apr 2018
Barracks sights Thomas Joseph 27 Jan 2018
Quonset hut furniture
Bunks in barracks New York Times 24 Dec 2017
Folding beds Universal 26 Oct 2017
Foldable furniture Newsday 08 Oct 2017
Simple beds Universal 13 Aug 2017
Disaster shelter supply Wall Street Journal 15 Jun 2017
Cribs Canadiana 20 Feb 2017
Sacks for Wacs The Washington Post 02 Nov 2016
Emergency shelter beds LA Times Daily 26 Sep 2016
They're much more flexible than kings Newsday 03 Sep 2016
Temporary-shelter beds USA Today 18 Dec 2015
Sacks on bases LA Times Daily 01 Aug 2015
Barracks array Wall Street Journal 06 Jul 2015
Supplies in emergency shelters New York Times 02 Jun 2015
Motel inventory Newsday 15 May 2015
Space-saving sleepers USA Today 28 Jan 2015
Beds in tents Newsday 23 Jan 2015
Hotel room additions for the kids
Beds on wheels
Some Red Cross supplies
No-frills accommodations
Barracks bunks
Storable sacks
Private beds?
Beds for Hawkeye and B.J.
Barracks lineup
Barracks staples
Need when entire band is in hotel room
Foldaway beds
Beds in the barracks
Used backstage for festival naps
Blessings when whole band is in one hotel room
Handy roll-outs at sleepovers
Army beds
Disaster relief shelter beds
Some prison furnishings
Bivouac beds
Summer cabin beds
Boot-camp beds
Some rollers
Temporary shelter beds
Summer-cabin furnishings
Temporary accommodations
Sleepover beds, maybe
Nap sacks
Hotel supply
Barracks furniture
Sleepover beds
Sacks on a base
Cheap beds
Shelter supplies
Shelter array
Red Cross supply
*Sleep lab purchases
Temporary beds
Barracks' beds
Bivouac setups
Sacks for WACs
Camp sights
Camp sacks
Barracks furnishings
Trig ratios
Murphy bed alternatives
Hospital sights
Camp sacks?
Basic beds
Futons kin
Bunkhouse beds
Foldaway items
Cribs, to a Brit
Private beds
Dorm beds
Tent furniture
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.