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Crossword Clues for CRED

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Clue Source Date
Believability, for short USA Today 20 Oct 2020
Street __ LA Times Daily 04 Oct 2020
Street rep Wall Street Journal 12 Sep 2020
Street ___ New York Times 17 Jul 2020
Rep on the street LA Times Daily 12 Jun 2020
Standing on the street New York Times 19 Mar 2020
Reputation, slangily Universal 06 Mar 2020
Reputation on the street New York Times 21 Aug 2019
Authority, to hipsters Universal 19 Jul 2019
Reputation, on the street Wall Street Journal 13 Jun 2019
Street — (urban acceptance) Premier Sunday 03 Mar 2019
Street ___ (respect, slangily) USA Today 24 Jan 2019
Street — (popular acceptance) Premier Sunday 06 Jan 2019
Street ___ (rep) Wall Street Journal 29 Dec 2018
Integrity, slangily Universal 27 Dec 2018
''Street'' rep Newsday 16 Dec 2018
Authenticity on the street The Washington Post 16 Sep 2018
Respect, in urban areas USA Today 06 Aug 2018
Believability, briefly The Washington Post 07 Jun 2018
Street ___ (slangy reputation) Universal 17 Jan 2018
Rep, on the street USA Today 07 Oct 2017
Street ___ (urban rep) USA Today 22 Aug 2017
Street __ (reputation) Newsday 25 Jun 2017
Street ___ (gritty reputation, in slang) Universal 16 Apr 2017
Believability on the street The Washington Post 08 Dec 2016
Start for "ible" or "itor" Universal 12 Nov 2016
Street (rep) Eugene Sheffer 02 Nov 2016
Street ___ (urban acceptance) USA Today 01 Nov 2016
Bright lipstick shade Wall Street Journal 21 Nov 2015
On reflection, what's hidden by undercover status on street? The Telegraph Toughie 10 Jul 2015
Good rep New York Times 17 May 2015
Street --, hipness The Telegraph Quick 17 Jan 2015
Indie ___ (social capital you totally get if you finish this puzzle)
Street ___ (reputation)
Street ___ (acceptability, slangily)
Beginning for "ible" or "itor"
Attachment for "ible" or "itor"
Reputation, informally
Props on the street
"Street" reputation
Street -- (urban acceptability)
Believability on the street, slangily
Daiquiri ingredient
Good reputation in the 'hood
Acceptability on the street, slangily
Reputation, for short
Good reputation, informally
Believability, to homeys
"Street" rep
Acceptability on the street, in slang
Acceptability, on the street
See 20 Across
Rep in the 'hood
Acceptance, slangily
Acceptance, in the 'hood
Name on the street?
Street asset, briefly
Street ___ (respect)
Acceptability, for short
Street ___ (urban acceptability)
Coolness factor on the street
Acceptability on the street
Debit's opp.
Street __ (acceptance)
Acceptability on the street, briefly
Street ___ (asset in the hood)
Personal acceptance, slangily
Kind of balance: Abbr.
Street ___ (believability)
Acceptance on the street, in slang
Believability, on the street
Fig. with a minus sign, perhaps
Kind of bal.
Acceptance on the street, slangily
Returned-mdse. entry
Street ___ (acceptance by young urbanites)
Word with indie or street
Street ___ (integrity)
Indie ___ (rock snob's edge)
Hipster's rep
Authenticity, for short
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.