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Crossword Clues for CREE

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Clue Source Date
Wading site The Washington Post Sunday 22 Nov 2020
First Nations people Wall Street Journal 19 Nov 2020
First Nations group New York Times 16 Nov 2020
Native American people The Times Concise 22 Oct 2020
Alberta tribe Universal 18 Oct 2020
Canada’s largest native tribe Wall Street Journal 12 Oct 2020
Language that Saskatchewan comes from USA Today 30 Sep 2020
Tribe in Manitoba Wall Street Journal 26 Sep 2020
First Nations tribe New York Times 07 Sep 2020
Canadian native Thomas Joseph 04 Sep 2020
Big Bear or Little Bear Canadiana 31 Aug 2020
Some Montanans New York Times 19 Jul 2020
One of the First Nations of Canada New York Times 14 Jul 2020
Manitoba tribe Eugene Sheffer 10 Jul 2020
Indigenous Canadian Newsday 09 Jul 2020
'Peyak, niso, nisto . . .' language USA Today 22 Jun 2020
Bunibonibee ___ Nation USA Today 11 Jun 2020
Language of 100,000+ Canadians LA Times Daily 07 Jun 2020
Canadian tribe Premier Sunday 17 May 2020
Canada’s most widely spoken indigenous language Wall Street Journal 18 Apr 2020
Hudson Bay nation LA Times Daily 05 Apr 2020
Ontario tribe Wall Street Journal 27 Jan 2020
People of Canada USA Today 30 Dec 2019
Language from which 'Saskatchewan' comes New York Times 07 Dec 2019
Language from which "Saskatchewan" comes
One of the 11 official languages of Canada's Northwest Territories New York Times 10 Nov 2019
Northern Montana native Universal 24 Oct 2019
Native Canadian USA Today 19 Oct 2019
Native people of Canada Newsday 12 Sep 2019
One of Canada's First Nations Universal 30 Aug 2019
Native American language The Times Concise 29 Aug 2019
Native American belief system is endless The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Aug 2019
Certain native Canadian Newsday 28 Jul 2019
Saskatchewan tribe Universal 12 Jul 2019
Saskatchewan native The Washington Post Sunday 07 Jul 2019
A First Nation Canadiana 24 Jun 2019
Algonquian tongue USA Today 05 Apr 2019
Manitoba native Wall Street Journal 26 Feb 2019
Algonquian language The Washington Post 02 Dec 2018
Tribe of the Canadian plains USA Today 07 Nov 2018
Canada's Buffy Sainte-Marie, by birth The Washington Post 19 Oct 2018
Northern Plains tribe USA Today 28 Aug 2018
Canadian tribesman USA Today 11 Jul 2018
Some Canadian natives New York Times 17 Jun 2018
AlgonquianГ%82В in Canada Universal 18 Mar 2018
Make New York Times 04 Jan 2018
Large First Nations tribe The Washington Post 11 Dec 2017
Hudson Bay native The Washington Post 24 Nov 2017
Canadian Plains tribe New York Times 17 Oct 2017
Northern Montana tribe New York Times 20 Aug 2017
Wicker basket left out for Native American The Times Cryptic 30 Jan 2017
Plains dwellers New York Times 14 Aug 2016
Quebec tribesperson The Washington Post 27 Jul 2016
American Indian The Times Concise 15 Jun 2016
Algonquian Canadiana 02 May 2016
Largest of Canada's First Nations Wall Street Journal 05 Feb 2016
Canadian aboriginal Canadiana 16 Nov 2015
Language that gave us 'pemmican' Wall Street Journal 03 Oct 2015
Plains native New York Times 11 Sep 2015
One of the Northwest Territories' official languages New York Times 22 Aug 2015
Language spoken along James Bay Wall Street Journal 19 Jun 2015
Language that gave us "pemmican"
Canadian First Nation folk
Algonquian tribe
Canadian First Nations people
Algonquian speakers
Alberta native
Old buffalo hunter
Canada's largest Indian tribe
Tribe of Canada
Plains tribe
Tribe of the Canadian Plains
Northern tribe
Native Americans in Canada and the northern US
Manitoban Indian
Algonquian Indian
Native Manitoban
Manitoba Indian
Tongue that "Saskatchewan" comes from
Group of Algonquian-speaking peoples
Manitoba tribesmen
Manitoba American Indian
Algonquian-speaking tribe
Canadian Indian
Northern Plains people
Canadian tribe member
Canadian natives
Chief Big Bear, for one
Ontario native
Algonquian living in Canada
Dweller in a 59-Across
Algonquian Indian tribe
Language spoken throughout Canada
Native tribe of Canada
Large Canadian tribe
Large Algonquian-speaking tribe
Indian of Canada
Language related to Montagnais
Plains people
An official language of the Northwest Territories
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.