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Crossword Clues for CTR

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Clue Source Date
Centre, for short Canadiana 09 Nov 2020
WNBA position The Washington Post 30 Oct 2020
Middle point (Abbr.) USA Today 18 Sep 2020
Middle: Abbr New York Times 23 Aug 2020
Midpoint: Abbr Universal 02 Jun 2020
Middle, geometrically (Abbr.) USA Today 01 May 2020
NFL snapper LA Times Daily 24 Mar 2020
Rockefeller in NYC, e.g Wall Street Journal 22 Feb 2020
Kennedy in D.C., e.g Wall Street Journal 30 Mar 2019
Kennedy in D.C., e.g.
Midpoint: Abbr.
Middle: Abbr.
Rockefeller in New York: Abbr Wall Street Journal 31 Dec 2018
Geom. point Thomas Joseph 22 Dec 2018
Hub: Abbr Premier Sunday 16 Sep 2018
Midpoint, for short Jonesin 12 Jun 2018
Kennedy in Washington, e.g.: Abbr Wall Street Journal 05 Feb 2018
Lincoln, in NYC, e.g Wall Street Journal 03 Feb 2018
NBA or NFL position Wall Street Journal 17 Jan 2018
Rockefeller in New York: Abbr.
Hub: Abbr.
N.F.L. position: Abbr New York Times 22 Sep 2017
Focal point: Abbr New York Times 02 Sep 2017
Part of many arena names: Abbr New York Times 16 Jun 2017
Pigskin snapper (Abbr.) USA Today 22 Feb 2017
Shaq's pos LA Times Daily 05 Feb 2017
Part of many arena names: Abbr.
N.F.L. position: Abbr.
Focal point: Abbr.
Rockefeller or Lincoln, in NYC Wall Street Journal 26 Jul 2016
Snapper on a field: Abbr New York Times 04 Dec 2015
Hub (Abbr.) Eugene Sheffer 23 Nov 2015
Hoops pos USA Today 29 Aug 2015
Headquarters, for short Jonesin 20 Aug 2015
Point of convergence: Abbr New York Times 28 Apr 2015
Court pos LA Times Daily 28 Mar 2015
Hoops pos.
Snapper on a field: Abbr.
Point of convergence: Abbr.
Court pos.
Ball hiker's pos.
Abbr. after Lincoln or Kennedy
Midpoint (Abbr.)
One snapping a ball to the QB: Abbr.
Abbr. found at the 56-Down of this puzzle's four longest answers
Pt. on a diameter
NBA position
Municipal facility: Abbr.
NFL position: Abbr.
Lincoln or Rockefeller: Abbr.
Basketball pos.
NFL position
Follower of Lincoln or Kennedy, briefly
Bull's-eye location (abbr.)
One end of a radius: Abbr.
Pigskin snapper: Abbr.
D.C.'s Kennedy ___
Radius starting point: Abbr.
Middle pt.
B-ball pos.
Compass pt.?
Kennedy or Lincoln follower (abbr.)
NYC's Rockefeller, for one
Rockefeller, for one (Abbr.)
Basketball position: Abbr.
Abbr. following Lincoln or Kennedy
Abbr. after Kennedy or Lincoln
Part of many cultural venue names: Abbr.
N.F.L. line position: Abbr.
NBA's Yao Ming, for one
NBA big man
Shaq, e.g.
Middle man in the NFL
Heart (abbr.)
N.B.A. position: Abbr.
Where diameters intersect: Abbr.
Shopping area: Abbr.
Court pos. for Yao Ming
Midpoint (abbr.)
47 Down, e.g.
Municipal bldg.
NYC's Rockefeller ___
Shaq's pos.
NBA tall man
Pt. in the middle
Community bldg.
Public mtg. place
7-ft. NBAer, typically
Gathering place: Abbr.
Cir. midpoint
Tallest man on an NBA team
B-ball big man
Pos. played by Shaquille O'Neal
Middle (abbr.)
Bull's-eye: Abbr.
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