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Crossword Clues for DACE

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Clue Source Date
Fish The Sun Two Speed 28 Aug 2020
First to defeat brilliant swimmer The Sun Two Speed 28 Aug 2020
Fresh water fish Canadiana 04 Nov 2019
Freshwater fish The Times Concise 21 Aug 2019
Swimmer upset space cadet to some degree The Telegraph Cryptic 26 Mar 2019
Type of bait fish Family Time 01 Oct 2018
Dinner's starter, wonderful fish The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Nov 2017
Fish expert suppressed by Germany The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Mar 2017
Carp family member Universal 13 Feb 2017
Minnow variety Universal 01 Oct 2016
Small river fish The Telegraph Quick 15 Mar 2016
Bait fish Family Time 08 Nov 2015
Carp cousin USA Today 27 Aug 2015
Small freshwater fish New York Times 19 May 2015
Small silvery fish
Fish composed of music notes?
Stout, freshwater fish
A small, freshwater fish
Relative of a carp
Bait fish for pike angling
Minnowlike fish
Stout freshwater fish
Fish made of music notes
Silvery freshwater fish
Carp relative
Small, freshwater fish
Carp kin
Carp and minnows
Minnow-like fish
Carp's kin
Small fish
Fresh-water fish
European freshwater fish
Cyprinoid fish
A freshwater fish
Small European fish
Minnow's relative
Carp-family member
Small, cyprinoid fish
Minnow's kin
European fish
Fish of the carp family
Golden shiner
Carp's relative
Food fish
Freshwater fish.
Fresh-water fish.
Small carp.
Golden shiner.
Cyprinoid fish.
Small fish.
Carp's cousin.
Fish akin to the carp.
Carplike fish.
Small fresh-water fish.
Fish like the carp.
Fresh-water carp.
Carp's relative.
Fish of the carp family.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.