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Crossword Clues for DALY

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Clue Source Date
Actress Tyne Eugene Sheffer 27 Oct 2020
Emmy-winning Tyne Eugene Sheffer 06 Jul 2020
Tyne of TV Thomas Joseph 30 Nov 2019
'The Voice' host Carson The Washington Post 25 Aug 2019
"The Voice" host Carson LA Times Daily 25 Aug 2019
Tim of 'Madam Secretary' Thomas Joseph 25 Jul 2019
Tony and Emmy winner Tyne New York Times 04 Apr 2019
Entertaining Carson or Tyne The Washington Post Sunday 24 Jun 2018
Host of ''The Voice'' Newsday 22 Feb 2018
Tyne of "Spider-Man: Homecoming" USA Today 12 Jan 2018
NBC host Carson New York Times 03 Oct 2017
See 76-Across Wall Street Journal 12 Aug 2017
Carson who hosts 'The Voice' The Chronicle of Higher Education 24 Mar 2017
Tyne --, actress in 'Cagney and Lacy' The Telegraph General Knowledge 01 Jan 2017
Carson who hosts "The Voice"
Tyne of "Judging Amy" USA Today 09 Dec 2016
Golfer nicknamed Long John New York Times 22 Oct 2016
Golf pro with a Loudmouth clothing line Newsday 17 Sep 2016
Emmy-winner Tyne Thomas Joseph 18 Jul 2016
New Year's Eve host Carson New York Times 23 Aug 2015
Six-time Emmy winner Tyne LA Times Daily 18 May 2015
New Year's Eve ball-drop commentator beginning in 2003 New York Times 21 Feb 2015
"Big John" of golf
Tyne who played Lacey
Carson of "The Voice"
Hollywood's Tim or Tyne
"Last Call" host Carson
Tyne or Timothy
1991 P.G.A. champion John
Longtime "What's My Line?" host
Golfer John
"Judging Amy" actress
Tyne with a Tony and Emmys
Tyne of "Cagney & Lacey"
Tyne who starred in "Gypsy"
John on the links
Late-night talk show host Carson
1995 British Open winner John
Original "What's My Line?" host John
1992 gold medal-winning Dream Team coach Chuck
Carson of late-night TV
Tony-winning Tyne
__ City, CA
Tim of "Private Practice"
Tony winner Tyne
Tyne with a Tony
TV host Carson
Lacey on "Cagney & Lacey"
Big John of golf
1990 Tony winner for "Gypsy"
Former "Total Request Live" host Carson
Star of "Judging Amy"
"What's My Line?" host John
1995 British Open winner
John with a line?
Tyne or Tim
She played Lacey
"Judging Amy" co-star
John ___, 1995 British Open winner
Carson ___ of MTV
"What's My Line?" host
Tyne of "Christy"
Actress Tyne of "Judging Amy"
'What's My Line host?'
1991 PGA Championship winner
Sharon Gless co-star Tyne
What's My Line host John
John of the PGA
Long-driving golfer John
NBA coach Chuck
Tyne of acting
Tyne of stage and screen
Tony-winner Tyne
Copper tycoon Marcus
TV's Tyne or golf's John
John or Tyne
Aka Det. Lacey
TV partner of 41 Across
"What's My Line” host John, 1950-67
Former Pistons coach Chuck
"What's My Line" host John
James or Tyne
Actress Tyne ___
Gless's co-star
"What's My Line" emcee
Poet T. A. ___
He moderated "What's My Line?"
Poet famed for Italian dialect
U.S. playwright Augustin
Colorado peak
Quizmaster John
U. S. playwright Augustin
Former TV host John
John of "What's My Line"
Name in U.S. theater
Name in N. Y. theater
Well-known emcee.
1966 Emmy winner.
Name on TV.
John Charles.
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