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Crossword Clues for DARTS

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Clue Source Date
Game in which the object is to end with zero points New York Times 20 Nov 2020
River with small rushes The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Nov 2020
Board game at a bar Newsday 08 Nov 2020
Pub projectiles Eugene Sheffer 30 Sep 2020
Game in which each player starts with a score of 501 New York Times 20 Sep 2020
Runs local activity The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Sep 2020
Pub missiles Universal 06 Sep 2020
Number deserting beach, coming back for indoor game The Telegraph Toughie 19 Aug 2020
Pastime in pubs Newsday 12 Aug 2020
Sudden quick movements in game The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Jul 2020
Pub pastime USA Today 03 Jun 2020
Game with a circular board New York Times 26 May 2020
Pointy missiles thrown in pubs Newsday 25 May 2020
Pub game The Washington Post 04 May 2020
Pub target game Newsday 28 Apr 2020
Game belonging to old art student The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Apr 2020
Folds in skirts USA Today 06 Aug 2019
What bar-goers use to take shots Universal 02 Jul 2019
Tavern missiles USA Today 29 Apr 2019
Game with 501 points New York Times 28 Feb 2019
Trickery seen during detective's game The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Jan 2019
Tailors' folds USA Today 15 Jan 2019
Game using a board numbered from 1 to 20
Runs game The Telegraph Cryptic 30 Oct 2018
Shoots game The Telegraph Toughie 23 Oct 2018
Moves suddenly Newsday 28 Sep 2018
Tavern fliers The Washington Post Sunday 02 Sep 2018
Flits around Newsday 09 Aug 2018
Game with a bullseye USA Today 01 Aug 2018
Sudden moves Newsday 01 Jun 2018
Pub stickers The Washington Post 13 May 2018
Board game The Times Concise 22 Mar 2018
Pub game sees violin knocked over The Sun Two Speed 25 Feb 2018
Tavern diversion Newsday 16 Feb 2018
Turn up valuable instrument that's played in pub The Telegraph Cryptic 14 Jan 2018
Pub fun The Washington Post 30 Jul 2017
Game; moves quickly The Times Concise 17 Jul 2017
Pub entertainment The Washington Post 14 Jul 2017
Game in some pub leagues USA Today 20 May 2017
Board game? Wall Street Journal 02 Mar 2017
Game with a throw line USA Today 27 Feb 2017
Getting up, one's played with bow and arrows The Telegraph Toughie 23 Nov 2016
Game is a fiddle on reflection The Times Cryptic 01 Jun 2016
Game that drives home a point? LA Times Daily 19 Apr 2016
Rec room game Universal 27 Jan 2016
Dodge cars Eugene Sheffer 22 Jan 2016
They sometimes shoot the bull Wall Street Journal 08 Dec 2015
Police officer employing skill in board game The Telegraph Toughie 17 Sep 2015
Game with rings New York Times 26 Jul 2015
Game of motor precision that, strangely enough, is often played while inebriated New York Times 25 Feb 2015
Game with a numbered board
Tailor's tucks
Pub competition
Played while listening to pub rock band
Bar game
Moves quickly
Game room activity, sometimes
Game room activity, perhaps
Popular pub game
Moves abruptly
The maximum score with three of them is 180
Tavern game
Game with doubles and triples
Bar fliers
Pub diversion
Classic Dodges
Game with a board
Bar diversion
System of a Down song played in a pub?
Short-range missiles
Game with sharp projectiles
Lawn ___
Game with triples and doubles
Game with a maximum score of 180
Around the Clock is a version of this
Goes quickly
Game with aim
Game in which players subtract from a starting score of 501
Indoor missiles
Tapered seams
Indoor game much seen on English TV
Game with a bull's-eye
Game with a board whose center is 5'8" off the floor
Cricket player's game
Bull's-eye hitters
Game with a 20-section target
Blowgun missiles
Pub activity
Popular pub sport
One of 39-Across
Game played on a wall
Game that might end with a double
Moves swiftly
Board game of a sort
Blowgun ammo
Tapered tucks
Alehouse game
Game with a board that has 82 distinct sections
Game in which each point made may reduce your score
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.