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Crossword Clues for DATED

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Clue Source Date
Went out with Universal 20 Sep 2020
No longer in Universal 04 Sep 2020
Saw Eugene Sheffer 18 Aug 2020
No longer in style USA Today 09 Aug 2020
Outmoded The Telegraph Quick 09 Jul 2020
So last year LA Times Daily 31 May 2020
Out of style Thomas Joseph 21 Apr 2020
Old-fashioned saw The Sun Two Speed 02 Apr 2020
Passé The Telegraph Quick 01 Apr 2020
Obsolete; antiquated The Guardian Speedy 16 Feb 2020
Old-fashioned The Times Concise 13 Jan 2020
Old hat USA Today 25 Sep 2019
Fifties rocker's supported very well in Russian square The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Sep 2019
No longer relevant Universal 17 Aug 2019
Not exactly new The Washington Post 25 Jun 2019
Rusty saw The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Jun 2019
Like the slang 'da bomb' and 'tubular, man!' New York Times 13 Mar 2019
Unfashionably old saw The Telegraph Toughie 30 Jan 2019
Behind the times New York Times 18 Jan 2019
Like the slang "da bomb" and "tubular, man!"
Middle East dumped limes past their sell-by-date Irish Times Crosaire 05 Nov 2018
Old-fashioned father consuming interminable Earl Grey? The Telegraph Toughie 31 Jul 2018
Out of fashion Newsday 26 Jul 2018
Out, in a way Wall Street Journal 23 Jun 2018
No longer fashionable Wall Street Journal 16 Apr 2018
Far from the rage Newsday 05 Apr 2018
Night out perhaps with daughter, 25 The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Mar 2018
Fruit, bit of damson, no longer in vogue The Sun Two Speed 27 Feb 2018
Antiquated The Sun Two Speed 27 Feb 2018
Saw socially Universal 22 Feb 2018
Stale New York Times 02 Feb 2018
Went out with old hat The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Jul 2017
Dead trendy? Oddly ... the opposite The Times Cryptic 20 Mar 2017
Old-fashioned parent eats these without stuffing The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Mar 2017
No longer current Newsday 04 Dec 2016
Obsolete Wall Street Journal 03 May 2016
Went out with socially Universal 12 Mar 2016
Not fashionable Universal 10 Feb 2016
Middle East released limes past their sell-by-date Irish Times Crosaire 27 Oct 2015
Went out with American lawyer then Irish priest The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Oct 2015
Archaic USA Today 22 Jul 2015
Unstylish, but invited out regularly? The Times Cryptic 25 May 2015
No longer hot Wall Street Journal 30 Mar 2015
Pass Eugene Sheffer 17 Mar 2015
Like most food items USA Today 05 Feb 2015
Like perishable food
Kept company with
Went out together
Not terribly current
Not now?
Went out as a twosome
Like perishable foods
No longer mainstream
Certainly not current
Like saddle shoes and bell-bottom pants
In no way new
No longer in fashion
No longer fresh
Not fresh
Went with
Jarringly unmodern
Like milk cartons, e.g.
Saw regularly
Like a photo of you in bell-bottoms
Took out
Stepped out with
Went steady
Used a carbon-14 test on
Of the old school
Fixed in time
Counted tree rings, e.g.
Gone with the trend
Like a popular girl?
Like leisure suits
Like all U.S. coins
"Old hat"
No longer au courant
Went together.
Went to the prom.
Out of vogue.
Not current.
Out of style.
Fixed in time.
Fixed as to time.
Not au courant.
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