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Crossword Clues for DATUM

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Clue Source Date
Piece of information New York Times 15 Oct 2020
Any point on a line graph Newsday 21 Aug 2020
It's a fact The Washington Post 24 Jul 2020
Bit of info LA Times Daily 17 May 2020
Bit of information Universal 30 Mar 2020
Single spreadsheet cell Universal 07 Mar 2020
Single piece of information Universal 25 Oct 2019
Dope beginning to disturb a stomach The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Oct 2019
Single fact Family Time 07 Jul 2019
It's true Newsday 22 Jun 2019
Matter of fact The Washington Post 12 May 2019
Piece of info The Washington Post 06 Mar 2019
Fact The Washington Post 20 Jan 2019
Unit of info Newsday 10 Jan 2019
Single statistic Newsday 23 Dec 2018
Singular of 47-Across Universal 26 Sep 2018
Single bit of info The Washington Post Sunday 04 Feb 2018
Singular information in key source of notes about university The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Dec 2017
A corporation beyond despicable at first — fact! The Times Cryptic 30 May 2017
Basic fact The Telegraph Quick 29 May 2017
Fact prosecutor put before corporation The Times Cryptic 25 Aug 2016
Tidbit of info Wall Street Journal 02 Jun 2016
About time Maud reformed; that's a fact The Telegraph Cryptic 29 Feb 2016
Information item Universal 26 Feb 2016
11-Down, say LA Times Daily 21 Feb 2016
Some information poster over breadbasket The Telegraph Toughie 01 Jan 2016
A single fact USA Today 05 Oct 2015
Spreadsheet entry Universal 18 Sep 2015
Fact regularly buried in incomplete computer memory printout? The Telegraph Toughie 31 Jul 2015
Factoid Wall Street Journal 02 Feb 2015
Experiment number
Spreadsheet item
Factual tidbit
Statistical tidbit
Informational unit
Fact or factoid
Information bit
Meter reading, e.g.
Spreadsheet cell contents
One number
Number on a spreadsheet
Statistic, e.g.
One fact
Experiment value
Computer input
Bit of fact
Small quantity of dope?
That's a fact
One piece of information
Computer morsel
Assumed proposition
Workable fact
Admitted fact
Basis for calculating
See 1 Across.
It's a fact.
Assumed fact.
Something known.
Admitted fact.
Granted fact.
Given proposition.
Factual tidbit.
Item of evidence.
Fact presented.
Bit of information.
Factual premise.
Basis for an argument.
Excel bit
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.