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Crossword Clues for DEBTS

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Clue Source Date
Things owed Canadiana 05 Oct 2020
Amounts owed Newsday 14 Sep 2020
Monies owed Newsday 03 Sep 2020
Monetary obligations USA Today 20 Aug 2020
Unpaid bills Eugene Sheffer 08 Jul 2020
Collector's items? Universal 06 Jul 2020
Chapter 11 factors The Washington Post Sunday 08 Mar 2020
Outstanding types in sample served up by modest Bedouins Irish Times Crosaire 15 Feb 2020
Fiscal liabilities The Sun Two Speed 17 Oct 2019
Duke restructured best sums owed The Sun Two Speed 17 Oct 2019
Entries in red USA Today 12 Aug 2019
What chargers run up Newsday 02 Aug 2019
Accounts payable Newsday 01 Aug 2019
Owed amounts Wall Street Journal 30 Jul 2019
Obligations The Washington Post 18 Jul 2019
Outstanding bills Newsday 14 Jul 2019
Red ink list The Washington Post 11 Jul 2019
Gamblers' woes Universal 05 Jul 2019
Outstanding things Wall Street Journal 02 Feb 2019
They're written in red Wall Street Journal 11 Dec 2018
Financial obligations The Washington Post 27 Nov 2018
Mortgages, e.g USA Today 18 Nov 2018
Items of interest Wall Street Journal 03 May 2018
What 2-Downs signify USA Today 07 Apr 2018
Arrears Jonesin 09 Jan 2018
Mortgages, e.g.
What IOUs represent Newsday 13 Dec 2017
They traditionally appear in red ... and in another form in 20-, 32-, 40- and 53-Across The Washington Post 06 Oct 2017
They're outstanding Wall Street Journal 11 Sep 2017
Borrower's burdens Family Time 20 Aug 2017
IOUs Jonesin 18 Apr 2017
66-Acrosses to pay USA Today 04 Mar 2017
Borrowers' burdens USA Today 25 Jan 2017
Red-ink items Thomas Joseph 13 Dec 2016
Things short people have? New York Times 04 Nov 2016
Credit card balances Universal 25 Oct 2016
Balance sheet data New York Times 06 Aug 2016
Outstanding items? The Washington Post 20 Jun 2016
They might be outstanding The Chronicle of Higher Education 27 May 2016
Red ink entries The Washington Post 22 May 2016
Collectors' items? LA Times Daily 22 May 2016
Red ink items Thomas Joseph 13 May 2016
Markers Newsday 15 Apr 2016
Credit card bill list LA Times Daily 17 Dec 2015
Some are outstanding Wall Street Journal 17 Nov 2015
Ownership consequences, often LA Times Daily 02 Aug 2015
Liabilities Eugene Sheffer 12 Mar 2015
Results of getting behind LA Times Daily 12 Feb 2015
They may be outstanding
Red states?
Financial burdens
Bills to pay
What i.o.u.'s represent
Shopaholic's accumulation
Insolvency causes
These pile up for struggling rockers
What shy people often have
They need to be paid off
Plastic user's concerns
Gambler's accumulation
Lord's Prayer word
Outstanding issues
Figures in red
Bankruptcy trustee's forte
Figures entered in red
"I got __ that no honest man can pay" (Bruce)
Red ink
Balance-sheet subtractions
What one with "bills, bills, bills" has
Gamblers rack them up
Figures shown in red
Red-ink indications
Collector's items
"Outstanding" things
Possible result of big losses
Money owed
Collection agency concerns
Spendthrift's comeuppance
Funds owed
Red ink cause
Bankruptcy causes
Chits, in effect
Red-ink entries
Result of using plastic
Credit card abuser's problems
Entries in the red
Borrowers' burden
They may come from using plastic
Outstanding issues?
Outstanding scores
Arrears, e.g.
What markers may represent
Things that are 36 Down
Reasons for 33 Across
Plastic liabilities
Some obligations
Consumer woes
Outstanding obligations
Loser's problem, perhaps
Items in red
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.