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Crossword Clues for DELVE

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Clue Source Date
Rummage The Telegraph Quick 15 Nov 2020
Dig deeply The Times Concise 06 Oct 2020
Search deeply Thomas Joseph 06 Oct 2020
Go deep New York Times 01 Oct 2020
Burrow The Times Concise 13 Sep 2020
Look (into) Wall Street Journal 11 Jul 2020
Probe (into) Premier Sunday 07 Jun 2020
Go deeply (into) New York Times 18 May 2020
Look deeply (into) Newsday 15 May 2020
___ into (investigate) USA Today 02 Mar 2020
Investigate in detail Newsday 02 Mar 2020
Search The Telegraph Quick 25 Jul 2019
Turn upside down in Zinfandel vessel Irish Times Crosaire 28 Mar 2019
Search deeply, regularly, even essentially The Telegraph Toughie 09 Oct 2018
Research done, primarily, on most of magical beings The Telegraph Cryptic 14 Aug 2018
Dig (into) The Washington Post 29 Jul 2018
Explore large volume in river The Sun Two Speed 14 Jul 2018
Dig The Telegraph Quick 16 Feb 2018
Research Thomas Joseph 04 Nov 2017
Dig deeply (into) Newsday 09 Oct 2017
Reach down and search Irish Times Simplex 11 Apr 2017
Inquire (into) Wall Street Journal 06 Feb 2017
Search of Lapland elves The Telegraph Toughie 23 Dec 2016
Probe LA Times Daily 19 Jun 2016
Plunge (into) Newsday 14 May 2016
Fish -- 55 found in river The Telegraph Cryptic 19 Apr 2016
Investigate (with "into") Universal 22 Jan 2016
Rummage among model vegetables The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Sep 2015
Go deeply inside model — very deficient The Times Cryptic 27 Jan 2015
Investigate, with ''into'' Newsday 11 Jan 2015
Research (into) The Times Concise 09 Jan 2015
Research into sixth president and first lady over law Irish Times Crosaire 05 Jan 2015
Investigate, with "into"
Examine closely, with "into"
Conduct an exhaustive probe
Search deeply (with "into")
Search deeply (into)
Do painstaking research
Probe, with "into"
Do research
Go deeper into matters
Dig, as for information
Examine carefully, with "into"
Investigate deeply (with "into")
Dig deep
Dig for data
Go (into)
Search, with "into"
Search (into)
Research deeply
Go deep into
Look closely
Look thoroughly (into)
Dig in
__ into (investigate)
Search deeply, with "into"
Dig into
Look closely (into)
Dig deeply with into
Probe deeply
Do intensive research
Plunge into
Search for data
Search carefully
Dig into files
Investigate intensely
Look into deeply
Search into
Research intensely
Do research work
Seek to learn
Seek laboriously
Search for facts.
Dig deep.
"Dig" (into books, etc.) for information.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.