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Crossword Clues for DETER

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Clue Source Date
Try to stop The Washington Post 15 Oct 2020
Block the path of Newsday 28 Sep 2020
Discourage The Telegraph Quick 06 Sep 2020
Resolute, not half, or put off? The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Aug 2020
Put off The Sun Two Speed 14 Jul 2020
Discourage some made terrified The Sun Two Speed 14 Jul 2020
Hamper Thomas Joseph 03 Jul 2020
Put off head of team feeding animals The Telegraph Cryptic 29 Jun 2020
Block The Washington Post 24 May 2020
Put off, in crude terms The Telegraph Cryptic 18 May 2020
Scare off Wall Street Journal 05 May 2020
Stave off Universal 12 Apr 2020
Dissuade Newsday 25 Dec 2019
Put a damper on The Washington Post 17 Nov 2019
Keep from happening USA Today 06 Nov 2019
Fend off USA Today 09 Sep 2019
Curb The New Yorker 29 Jul 2019
Nip in the bud USA Today 20 Jul 2019
Help prevent Universal 13 Jul 2019
Make think twice Newsday 20 Jun 2019
Detective in the presence of monarch put off The Telegraph Toughie 19 Jun 2019
Put off, discourage The Times Concise 05 Jun 2019
Try to prevent Universal 30 May 2019
Discourage from acting USA Today 24 May 2019
Hinder Eugene Sheffer 16 Feb 2019
Ward off The Washington Post Sunday 27 Jan 2019
Frighten (from) New York Times 20 Jan 2019
Frighten off New York Times 19 Nov 2018
Prevent via intimidation USA Today 10 Sep 2018
Put off doctor accepting summer in France The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Jul 2018
Talk out of Newsday 25 Jun 2018
Put off by yobs coming off oyster bed Irish Times Crosaire 17 Mar 2018
Discourage, dissuade Irish Times Simplex 27 Feb 2018
Hinder the progress of USA Today 01 Dec 2017
Prevent fellow escaping with more proficiency The Telegraph Toughie 24 Nov 2017
Hold off New York Times 15 Aug 2017
Prevent The Washington Post 28 Jul 2017
Put the brakes on Newsday 08 Jul 2017
Attempt to prevent Universal 27 Jun 2017
Put off opening of tent with animals outside The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Jun 2017
Prevent from doing something Universal 17 Mar 2017
Discourage from proceeding Universal 22 Jan 2017
Check from an act Newsday 31 Dec 2016
Try to prevent grazing animals crossing top of track The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Nov 2016
Inhibit New York Times 29 Aug 2016
Impede the progress of Universal 12 Aug 2016
Turn aside USA Today 04 Aug 2016
Block or dissuade Family Time 20 Jun 2016
Prevent from progressing Universal 07 Jun 2016
Discourage grass springing up around town's entrance The Times Cryptic 23 May 2016
Arrest New York Times 17 May 2016
Steer in a different direction Newsday 14 May 2016
Put off by Mao leaving moderate Irish Times Crosaire 29 Apr 2016
Put off by hamper Irish Times Crosaire 26 Apr 2016
Discourage browsers? About time The Times Cryptic 17 Feb 2016
Check LA Times Daily 27 Dec 2015
Daunt The Sun Two Speed 21 Dec 2015
Stop from doing Family Time 19 Oct 2015
Put off, cleaner gent jilted The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Oct 2015
Stand in the way of Universal 10 Sep 2015
Discourage The Park residents perhaps on Tuesday Irish Times Crosaire 17 Aug 2015
Put off Edward's return with hesitation The Telegraph Cryptic 04 May 2015
Get in the way of Universal 02 Apr 2015
Hardly encourage LA Times Daily 15 Feb 2015
Prevent from acting Universal 02 Jan 2015
Dissuade from acting
Word from the Latin for "frighten"
Restrain from acting
Give pause to
Engage in discouragement
Hold up
Be an obstacle to
Advise against
Prevent from proceeding
Be a disincentive to
Restrain through intimidation
Prevent through intimidation
Steer away
Act as a disincentive to
Dissuade by threat, maybe
Frighten away
Stop, perhaps
A way to discourage
Keep (from)
Construct a roadblock
Keep from acting
Ike's monogram
Put the chill on
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