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Crossword Clues for DEWY

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Clue Source Date
Wet, in a way Newsday 26 Sep 2020
Wet with morning moisture LA Times Daily 13 Jul 2020
Like the morning grass, often Universal 25 Apr 2020
Descriptor for grass or skin USA Today 20 Feb 2020
Moist, as blades The Washington Post Sunday 17 Nov 2019
Dawn lawn descriptor Newsday 18 Oct 2019
Covered with early morning moisture The Telegraph General Knowledge 06 Oct 2019
Fresh with morning moisture Newsday 05 Sep 2019
Moist at dawn Newsday 25 Aug 2019
Moist, as morning grass Newsday 20 Aug 2019
Like early-morning golf greens The Washington Post 13 Aug 2019
Covered with droplets USA Today 22 Apr 2019
Like morning grass Eugene Sheffer 18 Mar 2019
Moist Wall Street Journal 20 Dec 2018
Moist, like grass USA Today 10 Dec 2018
Damp at dawn Eugene Sheffer 13 Nov 2018
Like fairways at 4:00 A.M Newsday 19 Oct 2018
Damp, as morning lawns Newsday 05 Sep 2018
Like grass at sunrise The Washington Post Sunday 29 Jul 2018
Like a morning meadow Family Time 28 May 2018
Like early-morning lawns Wall Street Journal 11 Jan 2018
Like grass at dawn, perhaps USA Today 27 Sep 2017
Moist in the morn Eugene Sheffer 04 Sep 2017
Like a meadow in the morning The Washington Post 21 Jul 2017
__-eyed (naive) Newsday 02 Feb 2017
Like lawns in the morning Thomas Joseph 30 Jan 2017
Moist, as morning lawns Newsday 04 Dec 2016
Like lawns at dawn Newsday 01 Dec 2016
Like grass at dawn USA Today 21 May 2016
__-eyed LA Times Daily 17 Apr 2016
Wet with condensation The Telegraph Quick 22 Jan 2016
Moistened Canadiana 28 Dec 2015
Wet, as morning grass USA Today 07 Dec 2015
Like grass in the morning USA Today 21 Nov 2015
End of journey and we had returned a bit wet The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Nov 2015
Moist in the morning Eugene Sheffer 12 Oct 2015
Like a lawn at dawn Newsday 31 Aug 2015
Moist, in the morning Eugene Sheffer 06 May 2015
__-eyed (credulous) Newsday 21 Mar 2015
Damp, as a morning lawn Newsday 03 Mar 2015
Like grass at dawn, often Premier Sunday 08 Feb 2015
Returned flashy wedding rings laden with pearls The Times Cryptic 06 Feb 2015
Like early morning grass
Wet, as grass at sunup
Like early morning links
Wet with dawn moisture
Like grass first thing in the morning
Youthful and fresh
Moist, as at sunrise
Moist, as grass in the morning
Damp at daybreak
Like many wet lawns
Like a wet lawn at dawn
Moist, as a morning lawn
Like an early morning lawn, perhaps
Like morning lawns
Like a field at sunrise
Like morning clover
Having morning moisture
___-eyed (romantically naive)
___-eyed (naive)
Like morning flora
Like a golf course in the morning
Damp, in a way
Wet, as at sunrise
___-eyed (naively innocent)
Like some wet lawns
Like damp blades
Like the links in the morning
Wettish, in a way
Moist, in a way
Like blades in the morning
Strewn with droplets
Wet at sunrise
Wet in the morning
Like some morning grass
Moist, as a lawn
Like morning grass in the spring
Like morning meadows
Wet as morning grass
Slightly wet
A bit moist
Full of moisture
Moist, perhaps
" . . . ___-feather'd sleep": Milton
Like sad eyes
Like a petal in the morning
Moist, as blossoms
Moist, as flowers
Like the morn.
Fresh and moist.
Refreshing: Poet.
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