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Crossword Clues for DIAZ

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Clue Source Date
Actress Cameron Eugene Sheffer 12 Sep 2020
Cameron of 'Vanilla Sky' The Washington Post Sunday 23 Feb 2020
'In Her Shoes' actress Cameron The Washington Post 31 Dec 2019
"In Her Shoes" actress Cameron LA Times Daily 31 Dec 2019
Myers' spouse in ''Shrek'' Newsday 27 Oct 2019
Cameron --, actress who starred in the film 'There's Something About Mary' The Telegraph General Knowledge 16 Sep 2019
Cameron of 'Bad Teacher' Wall Street Journal 16 Jul 2019
Cameron of "Bad Teacher"
Fiona voicer in the 'Shrek' franchise The Chronicle of Higher Education 11 May 2018
Hollywood's Cameron New York Times 11 Jan 2018
Fiona voicer in the "Shrek" franchise
Rodrigo ___ de Vivar (El Cid) New York Times 13 Dec 2017
Cameron of Hollywood New York Times 08 Dec 2017
Barrymore and Liu's 'Charlie's Angels' co-star New York Times 17 Aug 2017
Actress Cameron __ The Washington Post 24 Jul 2017
Cameron of 'Charlie's Angels' New York Times 27 Apr 2017
Cameron of "Charlie's Angels"
Barrymore and Liu's "Charlie's Angels" co-star
Third-billed voice in ''Shrek'' Newsday 23 Dec 2016
Cameron of films Universal 06 Dec 2016
Cameron who voiced Fiona in 'Shrek' The Washington Post 08 Apr 2016
Miss Hannigan in the ''Annie'' remake Newsday 10 Jan 2016
Seven-term Mexican president Porfirio __ LA Times Daily 24 Oct 2015
Princess' voice in ''Shrek'' Newsday 24 Sep 2015
'Annie' actress Cameron Eugene Sheffer 07 May 2015
Princess' voice in "Shrek"
Princess Fiona's voicer in "Shrek" movies
Cameron on camera
"There's Something About Mary" star
"Charlie's Angels" film costar
"Knight and Day" actress
Player of the bad teacher in "Bad Teacher"
"Bad Teacher" star, 2011
Rodrigo __ de Vivar: El Cid
Cameron of "Knight and Day"
"In Her Shoes" co-star
"Bad Teacher" actress Cameron
"Vanilla Sky" actress
Cameron of 'In Her Shoes'
Cameron who voiced Fiona
Princess Fiona in "Shrek"
"The Holiday" costar Cameron
Kutcher's "What Happens in Vegas" co-star
Voice of Fiona in "Shrek"
Cameron of film
"Gangs of New York "actress
Angel beside Liu
The voice of Princess Fiona in "Shrek"
Cameron of 'The Mask'
Princess Fiona's voicer in "Shrek"
Junot ___, 2008 Pulitzer winner for "The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao"
Actress Cameron who voiced Fiona in "Shrek"
"What Happens in Vegas" star
She co-starred in "Gangs of New York," 2002
"What Happens in Vegas" costar
Cameron of "My Best Friend's Wedding"
Timberlake ex Cameron
"Angel" Cameron
"In Her Shoes" costar
"Gangs of New York" costar
"Being John Malkovich" costar
"Charlie's Angels" actress
Longtime Mexican dictator
"Charlie's Angels" star
Porfirio ___, president of Mexico, 1884-1911
Co-star of Barrymore and Liu
___ de Bivar: El Cid
"Gangs of New York" actress
Star of "There's Something About Mary"
"The True History of the Conquest of New Spain" author
Mexican dictator Porfirio ___
"Charlie's Angels" co-star, 2000
Longtime Mexican dictator Porfirio___
Ruy ___ de Bivar (El Cid)
Mexican dictator Porfirio
Justino ___, Met basso
Two-time Mexican president
Former Mexican president
Foe of Zapata
___ del Castillo, Cortés's historian
President when Pancho Villa revolted
Former President of Mexico.
Good Hope discoverer.
Former Mexican President.
Mexican dictator.
Portuguese navigator.
Cape of Good Hope discoverer.
Voyager of 1488.
Contemporary of Da Gama.
Navigator who opened a sea route to India.
Mexican president, in power 1876-1911.
President of Mexico, 1877–80, 1884–1911.
President of Mexico for thirty years.
Discoverer of the Cape of Good Hope.
President of Mexico, 1877–80 and 1884–1911.
He was President of Mexico for thirty years.
Seven-term president of Mexico, died 1915.
He rounded Cape of Good Hope, 1488.
Discoverer of Good Hope, 1488.
"Bad Teacher" actress
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.