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Crossword Clues for DIGIN

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Clue Source Date
Dinner invitation? Universal 27 Oct 2020
'Mangia!' The Washington Post 19 Jun 2020
"Mangia!" LA Times Daily 19 Jun 2020
"Time to eat!" Universal 16 Apr 2020
"Let's eat!" LA Times Daily 15 Apr 2020
'Let's eat!' The Washington Post 15 Apr 2020
“Eat up!” Wall Street Journal 02 Dec 2019
Invitation to eat The Washington Post 22 Nov 2019
"Eat!" Universal 12 Jul 2019
'Eat up!' Thomas Joseph 11 Mar 2019
Make a stand The Washington Post 21 Jan 2018
"Eat hearty!" (2 words) Family Time 10 Jul 2017
"Eat up!" Universal 30 May 2017
What often follows grace New York Times 24 Feb 2017
Dinner host's invitation USA Today 30 Dec 2016
''Start eating'' Newsday 05 Oct 2016
'Help yourself!' The Washington Post 12 Aug 2016
'Eat!' The Washington Post 04 Aug 2016
Cook's exhortation Universal 23 Jul 2016
''Start eating!'' Newsday 10 May 2016
Start eating Newsday 04 Apr 2016
'Bon appétit,' from Mom The Washington Post 27 Feb 2016
Post-grace exhortation Wall Street Journal 05 Dec 2015
Begin eating heartily The Times Concise 01 Dec 2015
Start enthusiastically Newsday 21 May 2015
'01 Lenny Kravitz hit
Prepare for a siege
"Eat your fill!"
"Start eating!"
Lenny Kravitz '01 hit
"Go ahead and eat!"
Prepare for an attack
Start supper
"Bon appétit," from mom
Host's invitation, maybe
Attack the meal
"Bon appetit!"
"Eat! Eat!"
Start putting stuff away?
"Go ahead, eat!"
Cook's words
"Hearty appetite!"
Words after grace
"Enjoy your meal!"
Become entrenched
Attack the food
Chow down
"Let the feast begin!"
"Eat hearty!"
Dinner host's utterance
Prepare for a stand
Prepare to hold out
Entrench oneself
Exhortation after grace
Start-of-meal comment
Host's suggestion at dinner
Start vigorously
Get to work: Colloq.
Fall to.
Entrench oneself.
Get to work.
Set resolutely to work.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.