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Crossword Clues for DIVEST

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Clue Source Date
Strip (of) Universal 21 Oct 2020
Withdraw financial involvement USA Today 16 Sep 2020
Remove clothes from, strip The Telegraph General Knowledge 07 Jun 2020
Sell off Wall Street Journal 29 Feb 2020
Strip or deprive of Irish Times Simplex 05 Feb 2020
Get rid of Newsday 12 May 2019
Rich man with time to disrobe The Telegraph Cryptic 04 May 2019
Dump, as stocks New York Times 11 Sep 2018
Get rid of seedy bars? Town's first requirement The Telegraph Toughie 27 Feb 2018
Deprive of status Universal 24 Nov 2017
Sell off, as a holding Wall Street Journal 10 Jul 2017
Rid (of) Newsday 10 Feb 2017
Strip The Guardian Quick 24 Dec 2016
Deprive of power Universal 05 Oct 2016
Get rid (of) Newsday 18 Sep 2016
Strip, as of rights Universal 21 Mar 2016
Strip rich man before end of heist The Telegraph Toughie 25 Feb 2016
Deprive, strip The Guardian Speedy 22 Nov 2015
Strip joint silent, empty The Times Cryptic 30 Jun 2015
Sell off stocks USA Today 18 Feb 2015
Sell off, as stocks
Deprive (of)
Strip of rights or rank
Deprive of
Take away from
Take away.
Deprive (of).
Deprive (of rank, rights, etc.).
Strip (of).
Deprive of honors, titles, etc.
Deprive of rights.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.