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Crossword Clues for DIVOT

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Clue Source Date
Course clump The Washington Post Sunday 04 Oct 2020
Golf chunk Thomas Joseph 06 Sep 2019
Fairway debris Newsday 26 Jul 2019
Flying sod on the links USA Today 15 Jun 2019
Fairway chunk USA Today 05 Jun 2019
Dug-out clump of turf The Sun Two Speed 13 May 2019
Dorothy embraces quartet - bunch displaced by club The Sun Two Speed 13 May 2019
Clump of turf The Telegraph Quick 05 May 2019
A caddie may retrieve one New York Times 30 Mar 2019
Golf course chunk Thomas Joseph 12 Nov 2018
Rough piece of land? New York Times 21 Jul 2018
Bit of turf on a golf course New York Times 20 Nov 2017
Turns up on first tee going with old poet for good chunk of the course Irish Times Crosaire 19 Aug 2017
Course chunk Thomas Joseph 24 Jun 2017
What an iron often causes The Washington Post 09 Apr 2017
Something to replace, on a golf course USA Today 08 Apr 2017
Hacked-off fairway Newsday 26 Jan 2017
Golfer's gouge New York Times 16 Jan 2017
What's unearthed on a golf course? Universal 19 Nov 2016
Thing that courteous golfers replace Universal 24 Aug 2016
Chunk often cut by a slicer Newsday 09 Jul 2016
Turf golfer dislodges The Times Concise 23 Feb 2016
Course clod Wall Street Journal 16 Jan 2016
Evidence of a swinger's damaging links? The Times Cryptic 02 Oct 2015
Hole dug by a golfer Newsday 24 Jun 2015
Duffer's detritus
Chunk of fairway
Torn-up turf piece
Turf displacement on a fairway
Turf clump left on the links
Pebble Beach clod
Duffer's dislodged dirt clump
Polo field gouge
Hunk of fairway turf
Fairway clump
Earth you should replace
Clump on a fairway
Result of a bad swing, maybe
Gouged-out fairway piece
Displacement from a club
Fairway gouge
Golf course blemish
Golfer's gouged-out clump
Dug-up turf
Clod from a course
Piece of fairway turf
Golf gash
Clod on the golf course
Clod on the links
Cavity left by a club
Piece of the fairway
Hole made by a golfer
Fairway flaw
Slice of fairway
Duffer's gouge
Piece of turf
One replaced by a golfer
It's taken on the fairway
Links clump
Green damage
Result of a bad shot, maybe
Duffer's dislodged dirt
It gets thrown off course
Matter of course?
Fairway mar
St. Andrews clod
Result of a bad chip, maybe
Hunk of fairway
Piece of fairway
Chunk of grass, in golf
Chunk of the fairway
Gouged turf
Fairway blemish
What Els replaces
Golfer's slice?
Editor's insertion
Golfer's hole
A piece of the action in golf?
Turf lifted by a golfer
Golfer's clod
Fairway damage
Displaced turf on a fairway
Links piece
Dislodged turf on a golf course
Turf dug up by a golf club
Result of a wedge shot
Sod dollop
Fairway clod
Dislodged turf on a fairway
Displaced turf on a course
Aftermath of an iron shot
Golfer's piece of turf
Displaced bit of a fairway
Golfing débris
Golfer's digging
Greenskeeper's concern.
Lump of turf.
Piece of turf.
Golfer's concern.
A piece of the links.
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