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Crossword Clues for DIXIE

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Clue Source Date
Actress Carter Universal 27 Sep 2020
___ Chicks USA Today 16 Jun 2020
Georgia-Pacific's cup brand Newsday 23 Apr 2020
Paper cup brand USA Today 31 Dec 2019
Apt cup brand for sweet tea? Universal 15 Dec 2019
The South, informally Newsday 09 Dec 2019
Peter out to welcome team in the Old South The Sun Two Speed 25 Sep 2019
Confederate states (informal) The Sun Two Speed 25 Sep 2019
Song of the South Wall Street Journal 09 Sep 2019
Cup brand Wall Street Journal 21 Aug 2019
Kind of cup New York Times 12 Jul 2019
___ Chicks ('Not Ready to Make Nice' band) The Washington Post Sunday 17 Mar 2019
Civil War song USA Today 27 Nov 2018
Type of cup Universal 30 Oct 2018
The South New York Times 25 Jul 2018
__ Chicks (country music trio) Newsday 10 May 2018
Plantation setting Thomas Joseph 28 Apr 2018
Disposable cup brand USA Today 02 Oct 2017
Sink about ten with one pot The Times Cryptic 15 Mar 2017
Whistle ___ (fantasize) USA Today 10 Aug 2016
Reb�s home Wall Street Journal 19 May 2016
Name given to southern US states The Times Concise 07 Jan 2016
__ cup Newsday 03 Oct 2015
Confederate anthem
Southern whistler's tune
Kind of "Chicken" to Little Feat
Nickname for the South
The Old South
Heart of __ (Alabama nickname)
Civil War song ironically written by a Northerner
Song of the South?
Classic song with the words "Look away! Look away! Look away!"
The Southern states
Gray area?
Southern states
Classic whistler's tune
Reb's song
Old South
Song often whistled?
Word with Chicks or cups
C&W's __ Chicks
Tune often whistled?
It might be whistled
Whistler's tune?
Whistling ___ (being unrealistic)
Whistle __
Crucial U.S. region in national politics
Pixie's cartoon pal
Alabama's region
D.D. Emmett tune
Land of cotton
Country music's Chicks
Tune to whistle?
Carter of "Designing Women"
Way down south
Old whistle?
Civil War anthem
Johnny Reb's battle song
"The Land of Cotton"
"Land of cotton"
Reb's anthem
Popular Civil War song
Home to Nunn and Warner
"Land ob cotton"
Sun Belt segment
"Land of Cotton"
Whistler's tune
Emmett song: 1859
Emmett song
Hopeful whistler's tune
Kind of land or crat
Part of the U.S.
The South.
Confederate marching song.
Setting for Stephen Foster songs.
D.D. Emmett's song.
D. D. Emmett's song.
Song dating from 1859.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.