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Crossword Clues for DOORDIE

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Clue Source Date
Desperate, in a way USA Today 21 Sep 2020
Yell directed at a much-hated portal? Jonesin 01 Sep 2020
Crucial USA Today 25 Aug 2020
Desperately determined in entrance and exit The Telegraph Cryptic 29 Jun 2020
Desperate Thomas Joseph 28 Mar 2020
Critical, as a situation New York Times 30 Dec 2019
High-stakes USA Today 12 Dec 2019
Word that can complete ___TING New York Times 29 Aug 2019
Critical New York Times 16 Aug 2019
Like a Hail Mary New York Times 28 Jul 2018
No mas! New York Times 01 Mar 2018
Like a desperation effort USA Today 24 Feb 2018
Desperate, as a situation USA Today 12 Mar 2017
Perhaps access exit with dogged determination The Times Cryptic 31 Jul 2016
Desperate, as suggested by the finishes of the eight longest Across answers Wall Street Journal 25 Jun 2016
Entrance by duke that is doggedly determined The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Jan 2015
Like a Hail Mary pass
Choice words for those out of options
Determined to succeed at all costs
Like a dire situation
Like a desperate effort
Go for broke
Requiring heroics
Desperate, as an attempt
Stubbornly determined
Deliver or else
Last-ditch words
Doggedly determined
"Ours but to ___."
Well-known proverb.
Unyielding and unwavering.
Motto of fighting Scotsman.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.