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Crossword Clues for DOSES

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Clue Source Date
They're just what the doctor ordered LA Times Daily 17 Sep 2020
Medicine amounts The Washington Post 14 Jul 2020
Amounts of antibiotics USA Today 07 Jun 2020
Caplets or capfuls USA Today 23 May 2020
Rx amounts Thomas Joseph 07 May 2020
Medicinal measurements Universal 05 May 2020
Pill bottle info The Washington Post 19 Apr 2020
Pharmacy amounts Wall Street Journal 06 Apr 2020
Prescription specs LA Times Daily 12 Mar 2020
Amounts of medicine USA Today 09 Dec 2019
Measures of medicine Wall Street Journal 03 Dec 2019
Appropriate quantities Newsday 23 Nov 2019
Doctors' orders New York Times 15 Sep 2019
Vitamin allotments Newsday 04 Aug 2019
Prescribed units USA Today 05 Jul 2019
Med measures The Washington Post 05 Jun 2019
Gives medicine to The Washington Post 04 Feb 2019
Prescription units USA Today 11 Jan 2019
Specifications on vials The Washington Post 05 Jan 2019
Quantities of NyQuil, e.g.
Dispensed amounts The Washington Post 29 Dec 2018
Pharmaceutical amounts Newsday 26 Oct 2018
Medicine measures Wall Street Journal 03 Jul 2018
Measures of energy in sleep The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Jun 2018
Gives someone a shot, say The Washington Post Sunday 17 Jun 2018
Pharmaceutical allotments Universal 10 May 2018
Amounts in a hypodermic needle New York Times 12 Mar 2018
Medicinal amounts The Washington Post 06 Feb 2018
Prescription amounts Premier Sunday 28 Jan 2018
Vitamin quantities Wall Street Journal 13 Dec 2017
Doctor's prescriptions Newsday 10 Dec 2017
10 cc's and others New York Times 10 Dec 2017
Units of 63-Across USA Today 30 Oct 2017
Medicinal quantities Universal 02 Aug 2017
Prescription indications The Washington Post 08 Jun 2017
Medicinal measures Newsday 05 Apr 2017
Measures The Telegraph Quick 01 Feb 2017
Gelcaps, say Jonesin 22 Nov 2016
Pill amounts LA Times Daily 16 Nov 2016
Prescribed amounts Universal 19 Oct 2016
Prescribed quantities The Washington Post 13 Oct 2016
Pharmacist's dispensations Universal 18 Aug 2016
Potion portions Newsday 20 May 2016
Some spoonfuls New York Times 14 Apr 2016
Drugstore dispensations USA Today 23 Dec 2015
Antibiotic allotments Newsday 05 Nov 2015
Dropperfuls, say Jonesin 03 Nov 2015
Pharmacy measures Premier Sunday 07 Jun 2015
Rx measures USA Today 31 Jan 2015
Recommended drug amounts
Teaspoonfuls or tablets
Doctor's orders
Teaspoons, maybe
Dispensary amounts
Shots, e.g.
Amounts prescribed by doctors
Hospital units
Doctors' prescriptions
They may be measured in capsules
Teaspoons, perhaps
Administers medicine
Prescription bottle data
Teaspoonfuls, maybe
Pharmacy units
Amount-and-interval numbers
Pillbox quantities
Measured amounts
Apothecary measures
Units of medicine
Prescribed portions
Teaspoonfuls, sometimes
Nurses' measures
Medicine measurements
Measures of meds
Prescription data
Drugstore designations
Prescription quantities
Medication amounts
Specified amounts
Medicament units
Teaspoonsful, often
Elixir portions
They're prescribed
Clinic quantities
Designated amounts
How much one can take
Medical amounts
Measured portions
Aspirin allotments
Pill allotments
Apothecary measure
Apothecary's amounts
Two tablets, maybe
Radiation quantities
Medical measures
Medication units
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.