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Crossword Clues for DUNNO

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Clue Source Date
"Search me" Thomas Joseph 09 Oct 2020
I don't know (informal) The Times Concise 30 Mar 2020
'No idea' Jonesin 16 Oct 2018
Comment expressed online as ¯\_(''/)_/¯ The Washington Post Sunday 06 May 2018
It may be said with a shrug Newsday 12 Apr 2018
Pair guarding terminals in Newhaven search me The Telegraph Toughie 16 Mar 2018
Am clueless, informally Newsday 09 Feb 2018
'Beats me!' The Chronicle of Higher Education 29 Sep 2017
'No clue' Wall Street Journal 09 Sep 2017
'Haven't the foggiest' The Washington Post 05 Aug 2017
"Haven't the foggiest" LA Times Daily 05 Aug 2017
"Beats me!"
"Beats me," slangily Universal 10 Jul 2016
"I'm stumped!" LA Times Daily 07 Jun 2016
"Beats me" LA Times Daily 26 Feb 2016
Shrugger's comment Newsday 18 Feb 2015
I can't help couple to suppress news The Times Cryptic 12 Feb 2015
"Can't answer that" USA Today 02 Feb 2015
Verbal equivalent of a shrug
"No idea"
"I'm at a loss"
"Ain't got a clue!"
"I haven't the foggiest"
Slangy expression of ignorance
"I give up!"
Shrugger's word
"Got me!"
Slangy "Beats me!"
"No clue"
"Ya got me!"
"Ain't got a clue"
"I __!" ("Search me!")
Grunt accompanying a shrug
Noncommittal response (slang)
Slangy negative.
Slangy answer in the negative.
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