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Crossword Clues for EBBTIDE

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Clue Source Date
Hit song of 1953 Thomas Joseph 04 Sep 2020
A drop in the ocean? Universal 20 Jul 2020
Coastal reflux The Washington Post Sunday 19 Jul 2020
Receding sea Eugene Sheffer 05 Mar 2020
Period when the ocean recedes Universal 03 Sep 2019
Outflowing sea The Telegraph Quick 25 Jun 2019
A shore thing to happen New York Times 08 Nov 2018
Very black time I had in middle of Greece's recession The Times Cryptic 13 Apr 2017
Drop in the sea LA Times Daily 10 Nov 2015
Retreat of the sea The Times Concise 28 Oct 2015
Oceanic reflux LA Times Daily 11 Feb 2015
Reflux of the ocean
Period of decline
Cyclic recession
Drop in the ocean
Broadway composer Fred's laundry detergent of choice?
Receding ocean movement
Time when the water's low
Coastal recession
Prime time for clammers
Hit song for the Righteous Brothers
Hit for Vic Damone and the Righteous Brothers
Watery reflux
Good time for a beachcomber
Good time to collect seashells
Coastal phenomenon
Hit for the Righteous Brothers
Refluent phenomenon
*Drop in the ocean
1960s hit with the line "And the sea is very still once more"
Shallow period
Low water precursor
State of decline
Righteous Brothers song
Best time for beachcombers
Shore leave?
It's on its way out
Drop in the ocean?
Hit song in 1953
Ocean movement
Period of decline.
Nautical term.
Seashore phenomenon.
Low water.
Reflux of the sea.
Popular song.
State of decline.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.