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Crossword Clues for EDIE

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Clue Source Date
Name in 'carpe diem' USA Today 26 Nov 2020
1960s 'It Girl' Sedgwick New York Times 14 Nov 2020
Falco of "Nurse Jackie" Eugene Sheffer 09 Nov 2020
“Nurse Jackie” star Falco Wall Street Journal 28 Oct 2020
Big or Little protagonist of 'Grey Gardens' USA Today 23 Oct 2020
Actress Falco USA Today 20 Oct 2020
Brickell whose band is the New Bohemians Jonesin 20 Oct 2020
Emmy-winning Falco Universal 12 Oct 2020
Protagonist of Raven Leilani's 'Luster' USA Today 07 Oct 2020
Model Campbell The Washington Post Sunday 04 Oct 2020
Forest's Oscar role* Newsday 02 Oct 2020
Pop singer Brickell New York Times 24 Sep 2020
"Nurse Jackie" actress Falco Eugene Sheffer 17 Sep 2020
Falco with four Emmys New York Times 16 Sep 2020
'The Sopranos' star Falco USA Today 12 Sep 2020
Falco with Emmys The Washington Post Sunday 06 Sep 2020
Falco of TV Thomas Joseph 21 Aug 2020
Singer Brickell USA Today 14 Aug 2020
Falco of "The Sopranos" Eugene Sheffer 08 Aug 2020
'Nurse Jackie' star Falco USA Today 21 Jul 2020
Falco who played Carmela Soprano Universal 18 Jul 2020
Prefix with -graph New York Times 05 Jul 2020
TV's Falco Thomas Joseph 26 Jun 2020
"Tommy" actress Falco Eugene Sheffer 20 Jun 2020
'Tommy' star Falco USA Today 14 Jun 2020
'The Sopranos' actress Falco USA Today 09 Jun 2020
Falco of CBS’s “Tommy” Wall Street Journal 08 Jun 2020
Actress McClurg New York Times 26 May 2020
Peter Gunn’s girlfriend Wall Street Journal 02 May 2020
Brickell or Falco Universal 28 Apr 2020
Sedgwick who was one of Warhol's superstars The New Yorker 20 Apr 2020
Falco with Emmys for two different series New York Times 20 Apr 2020
'What I Am' singer Brickell USA Today 20 Apr 2020
With 55-Across, she eloped with Ernie Kovacs Premier Sunday 19 Apr 2020
'Nurse Jackie' Emmy winner Falco USA Today 05 Apr 2020
Carmela’s portrayer on “The Sopranos” Wall Street Journal 02 Apr 2020
Falco of "Tommy" Universal 19 Mar 2020
Emmy winner Falco Universal 06 Mar 2020
Carmela on ''The Sopranos'' Newsday 19 Jan 2020
Falco of 'Nurse Jackie' The Washington Post 24 Dec 2019
Falco who portrayed a Soprano Premier Sunday 03 Nov 2019
Ms. Falco Eugene Sheffer 31 Oct 2019
Model Sedgwick Universal 31 Oct 2019
Sedgwick in Warhol shorts USA Today 24 Oct 2019
Brickell married to Paul Simon USA Today 21 Oct 2019
Songwriter Brickell The Washington Post Sunday 20 Oct 2019
Carmela's portrayer The Washington Post Sunday 06 Oct 2019
Falco of 'Horace and Pete' USA Today 28 Sep 2019
Brickell who's married to Paul Simon USA Today 25 Sep 2019
Singer Adams The Washington Post 23 Sep 2019
"What I Am" singer Brickell Universal 03 Sep 2019
Terry’s love in “On the Waterfront” Wall Street Journal 29 Aug 2019
Falco who played Carmela USA Today 22 Aug 2019
___ Brickell & New Bohemians Universal 14 Aug 2019
Falco of 'The Sopranos' Eugene Sheffer 10 Jul 2019
___ Sedgwick, 1960s 'It Girl' New York Times 13 Jun 2019
Rock's Brickell New York Times 02 Jun 2019
"The Sopranos" star Falco Universal 14 May 2019
Falco of TV and film New York Times 30 Apr 2019
First name in the cast of 'The Sopranos' The Washington Post 05 Apr 2019
First name in the cast of "The Sopranos" LA Times Daily 05 Apr 2019
Falco of 'Outside In' Premier Sunday 17 Mar 2019
Emmy winner as Carmela and Jackie Newsday 25 Jan 2019
'Volcano' singer Brickell The Washington Post Sunday 06 Jan 2019
Terry's love in "On the Waterfront"
Falco of "Horace and Pete"
___ Sedgwick, 1960s "It Girl"
Brickell or Sedgwick USA Today 16 Oct 2018
Falco of two HBO series Jonesin 09 Oct 2018
Falco of 'Law & Order True Crime' USA Today 13 Aug 2018
Jackie portrayer on 'Nurse Jackie' The Washington Post 13 Jul 2018
Jackie portrayer on "Nurse Jackie" LA Times Daily 13 Jul 2018
Falco of the screen Premier Sunday 24 Jun 2018
Actress Sedgwick in Warhol films New York Times 22 Jun 2018
New Bohemians lead singer Brickell Jonesin 17 Apr 2018
English analog of the Nordic nickname Ditte Newsday 03 Mar 2018
Falco of ''The Sopranos'' Newsday 28 Feb 2018
Sedgwick of Warhol films New York Times 07 Feb 2018
Actress Falco of 'Nurse Jackie' New York Times 05 Feb 2018
Jackie, in "Nurse Jackie"
Falco of "Law & Order True Crime"
Actress Falco of "Nurse Jackie"
1960s "It Girl" Sedgwick
McClurg or Brickell USA Today 29 Dec 2017
Falco of "The Menendez Murders" USA Today 30 Nov 2017
'The Sopranos' Emmy winner Falco New York Times 13 Nov 2017
Actress Falco of 'Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders' The Washington Post 24 Oct 2017
Actress Falco of "Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders" LA Times Daily 24 Oct 2017
LGBT activist Windsor The Washington Post Sunday 08 Oct 2017
Adams, Sedgwick or Brickell USA Today 12 Sep 2017
Eva Marie Saint's 'On the Waterfront' role Wall Street Journal 09 Aug 2017
Sedgwick of Warhol movies USA Today 21 Jul 2017
Emmy winner as Carmen and Jackie Newsday 01 Jun 2017
Nickname that sounds like its first two letters Newsday 13 May 2017
Singer Adams or Brickell USA Today 11 May 2017
With 66-Down, she won a 1957 Tony for 'Li'l Abner' Premier Sunday 02 Apr 2017
Diane on ''Oz'' Newsday 01 Apr 2017
Tony winner Adams Premier Sunday 19 Mar 2017
Woman's name that sounds like its first two letters New York Times 16 Mar 2017
"The Sopranos" Emmy winner Falco
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.