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Crossword Clues for EGGSHELL

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Clue Source Date
Type of paint finish The Times Concise 26 Nov 2020
Protection for Humpty Dumpty presumably is a reflection of wall-to-wall cover? Irish Times Crosaire 21 Oct 2019
Translucent porcelain The Sun Two Speed 15 Oct 2019
Spurs nightmare: fragile defence! The Sun Two Speed 15 Oct 2019
Spreadsheet program, according to Sean Connery, that's easily cracked The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Sep 2019
China that's broken in the hatch? The Sun Two Speed 12 May 2019
Off-white The Washington Post 17 Nov 2018
Bacon's partner is downstairs with shady type Irish Times Crosaire 02 Oct 2018
Paint finish The Times Concise 28 Aug 2018
Type of paint The Times Concise 14 Jun 2018
Not too bright, like set lecturer keeps quiet The Telegraph Toughie 08 Sep 2017
Presumably the only place for Early Bird in the shade? Irish Times Crosaire 10 Feb 2017
Type of translucent porcelain The Guardian Speedy 03 Jul 2016
Hard cover of an ovum Irish Times Simplex 23 Jun 2016
Report row from The Inferno - the painters will know about it Irish Times Crosaire 24 Dec 2015
Breakfast for some is a nightmare in flyer's first home? Irish Times Crosaire 20 Jul 2015
Bombs ruin delicate finish The Telegraph Toughie 31 Mar 2015
Pale yellowish-white
Yellowish-white hue
Shade of white
Cream relative
Creamlike paint shade
Off-white shade
Omelet-making discard
Whitish paint color
Yellowish white
Wall color
Pale color
Dark cream color
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.