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Crossword Clues for ELECTION

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Clue Source Date
Vote or ballot The Sun Two Speed 20 Oct 2020
Process involving choice when leaderless? The Sun Two Speed 20 Oct 2020
Time when people are at cross purposes? The Sun Two Speed 05 Oct 2020
Formal choice LA Times Daily 04 Oct 2020
Selection by vote Irish Times Simplex 03 Oct 2020
Public vote The Telegraph Quick 26 Jun 2020
Choice event LA Times Daily 02 May 2020
Ballot The Telegraph Quick 09 Mar 2020
Occasion when politicians try to make people cross? The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Dec 2019
Time when populace is at cross purposes? The Sun Two Speed 24 Aug 2019
Choice when seconds removed is still a choice The Telegraph Toughie 13 Nov 2018
Voting process Newsday 27 Jun 2018
House perhaps changing right to left for vote The Telegraph Toughie 01 Mar 2018
Con elite criminal for talking one's seat Irish Times Crosaire 18 Dec 2017
Start off one process of choosing or another The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Dec 2017
November event Eugene Sheffer 06 Mar 2017
Seat can be obtained by this horse bucking head The Telegraph Toughie 04 Jan 2017
Choice The Telegraph Quick 21 Aug 2016
Choice, but no starter choice The Telegraph Cryptic 01 Mar 2016
Choosing building that's changed hands The Telegraph Toughie 20 May 2015
Process for taking one's seat in primary Irish Times Crosaire 17 Feb 2015
End of some races The Chronicle of Higher Education 13 Feb 2015
It reveals the people's choice
Quadrennial U.S. event
November 2012 event
Party's focus
Opportunity to vote
Run for it
Primary, e.g.
Board-choosing activity
End of a race
Primary, perhaps
The people's choice
Important event: Nov. 4, 1980
One in 1800 resulted in a tie
Kind of day.
Coming event.
1960 headline.
Much-discussed subject.
Kind of year 1960 is.
Democratic choice.
A democratic process.
Coming event casting many shadows.
Drama in November.
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