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Crossword Clues for ELEMENT

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Clue Source Date
Base allowed to retain soldiers for a bit The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Oct 2020
Gold for one member The Telegraph Cryptic 19 Oct 2020
H or O, in H2O LA Times Daily 07 Sep 2020
Group in most natural surroundings The Sun Two Speed 27 Aug 2020
Component The Sun Two Speed 27 Aug 2020
Periodic table listing USA Today 10 Jul 2020
Say gold piece The Sun Two Speed 02 Jul 2020
Chlorine or krypton Newsday 17 Jun 2020
Say silver piece The Sun Two Speed 07 Jun 2020
Choose nursing team members for constant factor The Telegraph Toughie 02 Jun 2020
Terbium or erbium, e.g Jonesin 19 May 2020
He perhaps needs part for water heater The Telegraph Toughie 24 Apr 2020
Gold perhaps in natural environment The Sun Two Speed 23 Apr 2020
Natural environment for silver, say The Sun Two Speed 12 Apr 2020
Constituent part Newsday 15 Mar 2020
Factor in - English workers in accommodation Irish Times Crosaire 07 Mar 2020
Factor The Telegraph Quick 29 Dec 2019
Mercury, for one The Washington Post 17 Oct 2019
Lead or lithium Thomas Joseph 14 Oct 2019
Tin or titanium Thomas Joseph 28 Sep 2019
Water, perhaps -- a small amount The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Sep 2019
He, e.g Wall Street Journal 31 Aug 2019
Al may represent one The Washington Post Sunday 11 Aug 2019
Krypton, e.g Premier Sunday 12 May 2019
Earth, wind or fire USA Today 28 Mar 2019
Xenon or zirconium Universal 15 Mar 2019
He, say, last to move pieces in check The Telegraph Toughie 07 Mar 2019
Tin or tungsten Thomas Joseph 18 Jan 2019
Nickel or neon Newsday 16 Jan 2019
He, e.g.
Argon or arsenic USA Today 24 Sep 2018
Silver or silicon Wall Street Journal 07 Aug 2018
Piece from singer Fitzgerald intended to be heard The Telegraph Cryptic 31 Jul 2018
Moscovium, at #115 Newsday 22 Jul 2018
Natural environment for silver? The Sun Two Speed 04 Jul 2018
Brazilian player not using head and hands -- feet finally bringing gold perhaps The Telegraph Cryptic 05 May 2018
Silver or sulfur Newsday 02 May 2018
Oxygen, e.g Premier Sunday 18 Mar 2018
See second half of game, not first, in fashionable feature The Telegraph Toughie 07 Feb 2018
Part with gold or silver, for example The Sun Two Speed 26 Jan 2018
Something used for heating fire, say The Telegraph Toughie 25 Jan 2018
Some ukulele men taking part The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Jan 2018
Wire in electric fire The Times Concise 05 Dec 2017
Factor in a small amount The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Nov 2017
The answer to each clue that says 'This, on the periodic table' New York Times 10 Oct 2017
Any of the rare-earth metals USA Today 07 Oct 2017
Natural habitat Universal 19 Jul 2017
Part of kettle for water perhaps? The Times Cryptic 01 May 2017
Gold or silver The Washington Post 06 Apr 2017
Trace English workers in accommodation Irish Times Crosaire 18 Mar 2017
Basic constituent part The Times Concise 16 Feb 2017
Sodium or sulfur Newsday 11 Jan 2017
Silver or sodium Thomas Joseph 07 Jan 2017
The answer to each clue that says "This, on the periodic table"
Carbon is one Universal 27 Dec 2016
Violent melee in front of National Trust unit The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Dec 2016
Perhaps lead part The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Nov 2016
It's on a table in chemistry class The Washington Post 06 Nov 2016
Small amount The Telegraph Quick 18 Oct 2016
Platinum or plutonium Wall Street Journal 06 Sep 2016
Part of East to allow chaps in The Sun Two Speed 25 Dec 2015
Basic component The Sun Two Speed 25 Dec 2015
As an example, copper piece The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Dec 2015
Water, traditionally, that's in a kettle The Times Cryptic 22 Oct 2015
Suspicion from first bit of evidence? Men let off! The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Sep 2015
Cooked carp blended with this ingredient could be replacement The Telegraph Toughie 03 Sep 2015
Periodic table item LA Times Daily 31 Aug 2015
European allowed to restrict chaps for water, maybe The Telegraph Cryptic 30 Jun 2015
Earth, air, fire or water USA Today 25 May 2015
Component of periodic table The Telegraph Quick 20 Feb 2015
Singular ingredient of the weather The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Jan 2015
Re represents one
Something found on a chemist's table
One of over 100 on a table
Chlorine, argon, or potassium
It may be found on a table in science class
Neon or nickel
Natural environment
Periodic table entry
See 39 Across
21-Down, e.g.
Helium or hydrogen
Gold or silver, but not bronze
Honda model
Periodic-table component
Gold, e.g.
Krypton, for one
Earth, wind or fire, to an early scientist
Mercury, e.g.
Electric device with terminals
Nitrogen or oxygen
Normal habitat
Sodium or chlorine, e.g.
Stomping grounds
Palladium, e.g.
Item on a certain table
Neon or nobelium, e.g.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.