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Crossword Clues for ENDOW

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Clue Source Date
Give funds to USA Today 11 Oct 2020
Furnish with grant money Universal 26 Sep 2020
Fund Eugene Sheffer 02 Sep 2020
Provide with funding The Washington Post 16 Aug 2020
Be a benefactor for Newsday 07 Aug 2020
Fund, as a university New York Times 05 Aug 2020
Provide funding for USA Today 09 Jul 2020
Award goal -- that hurts! The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Jul 2020
Bestow New York Times 21 Jun 2020
Provide resources for New York Times 05 Jun 2020
Supply with financing USA Today 27 May 2020
Provide income for The Sun Two Speed 25 May 2020
Finance some men do without The Sun Two Speed 25 May 2020
Provide with funds Universal 17 Apr 2020
Supply funding for USA Today 07 Apr 2020
Enrich with a gift or faculty The Times Concise 12 Dec 2019
Provide money for USA Today 10 Dec 2019
Provide with continuing funds New York Times 22 Jul 2019
To enrich with an ability or quality The Times Specialist Sunday 14 Jul 2019
Bequeath Premier Sunday 14 Jul 2019
Fund, as a scholarship Newsday 04 Jun 2019
Fund, as a college Universal 14 May 2019
Supply with funds Thomas Joseph 10 May 2019
Invest The Times Concise 05 May 2019
Bequeath funds to USA Today 03 May 2019
Aim with old wife to provide finance The Sun Two Speed 28 Apr 2019
Establish, as a scholarship Newsday 02 Apr 2019
Establish, as a university chair New York Times 11 Mar 2019
Give pained expression sitting on butt The Telegraph Toughie 07 Mar 2019
Support financially Wall Street Journal 19 Jan 2019
Provide for permanently Newsday 16 Dec 2018
It may be labeled 2x or 3x New York Times 06 Dec 2018
Supply with funding Universal 29 Nov 2018
Provide permanent funding for Newsday 12 Nov 2018
Found, as a foundation Family Time 24 Sep 2018
Provide funding Universal 30 Mar 2018
Provide for friend owing a bit The Sun Two Speed 12 Mar 2018
Confer The Sun Two Speed 12 Mar 2018
Fund, as a museum USA Today 20 Feb 2018
Empower Canadiana 19 Feb 2018
What some wealthy alums do Universal 11 Feb 2018
Create, as a chair
Give last cry of pain The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Nov 2017
Fund, as a grant USA Today 19 Oct 2017
Fund, as a university chair Wall Street Journal 10 Jul 2017
Fund, as a chair New York Times 26 Jun 2017
Be the benefactor for Newsday 15 Jun 2017
Provide with a generous sum, perhaps Wall Street Journal 18 Feb 2017
Subsidize Wall Street Journal 11 Feb 2017
Provide as a gift The Telegraph Quick 02 Feb 2017
Provide closure before old wife ... The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Jan 2017
Furnish with funds The Washington Post 05 Jan 2017
Be a benefactor to The Washington Post 01 Jan 2017
Support, as a foundation New York Times 25 Dec 2016
Enrich (with a facility or gift) The Times Concise 16 Dec 2016
Fund, as a fellowship USA Today 23 Nov 2016
Earn naming rights for Newsday 19 Nov 2016
Fund, as a professorship USA Today 08 Sep 2016
Fund, as an academic chair LA Times Daily 31 Aug 2016
Finance, as a scholarship Family Time 20 Jun 2016
Supply, as a chair New York Times 08 Jun 2016
Provide income now or tomorrow -- somehow, all do The Telegraph Toughie 22 Apr 2016
Bequeath (an income) to The Times Concise 22 Apr 2016
Be a benefactor USA Today 31 Mar 2016
Give a large donation Universal 05 Mar 2016
Underwrite Wall Street Journal 21 Jan 2016
Bequeath or give an income or property to The Times Concise 22 Oct 2015
Fund, as a foundation New York Times 30 Sep 2015
Provide, as with talent LA Times Daily 18 Sep 2015
Back, in a way USA Today 17 Aug 2015
Grant USA Today 10 Jun 2015
Found old wickets behind goal The Times Cryptic 10 Mar 2015
Turn green, as Brown?
Fund, as one's alma mater
Provide funds for
Furnish, as with talent
Fund a fellowship, e.g.
Create, as a scholarship
Aid one's alma mater
Set up, as a chair
Give funds for
Provide funds, as for a college
Provide financial grants
Provide with a fund
Provide financial backing
Provide with a source of income
Make Brown green?
Help build, as a foundation
What some wealthy alumni do
Provide with income
Furnish funds for
Support, as a college
Provide with funds, as a college
Start a foundation
Provide financing for
Supply a chair, say
Give, as a grant
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.