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Clue Source Date
Keyed in Wall Street Journal 03 Oct 2020
Came in Thomas Joseph 07 Sep 2020
Came through the door USA Today 19 Jul 2020
Key often used by news boss went in The Sun Two Speed 10 Jul 2020
Gained admission The Sun Two Speed 10 Jul 2020
Went in The Washington Post 08 Jun 2020
Throw one's hat in the ring with rebel teen and Scarlett on the radio Irish Times Crosaire 23 May 2020
Popped in Newsday 22 Nov 2019
Walked onstage USA Today 09 Sep 2019
Input Newsday 27 Jul 2019
Put in the ledger Wall Street Journal 18 Jul 2019
Got in with key taking direction from department Irish Times Crosaire 29 Jun 2019
Logged; arrived The Telegraph Quick 02 Mar 2019
Inscribed Newsday 25 May 2018
Came into Premier Sunday 29 Apr 2018
Infiltrated Newsday 11 Jan 2018
Went in hospital department before daughter The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Oct 2017
Eligible to win Newsday 30 Sep 2017
Walked in Newsday 14 Jun 2017
Went in hospital department with foot in bandage and inflamed The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Apr 2017
Typed Thomas Joseph 20 Apr 2017
Went inside Premier Sunday 18 Dec 2016
Crossed the threshold The Washington Post 20 Mar 2016
Crossed the sill New York Times 21 Feb 2016
Put in the books USA Today 04 Feb 2016
Came in; recorded The Telegraph Quick 28 Dec 2015
Became a contestant USA Today 10 Dec 2015
Came onstage Thomas Joseph 05 Nov 2015
In the journal, say
In the log, say
Signed up for, as a contest
What Metallica's "Sandman" did
Worked on, as a log
Walked into
Came on stage
Typed in
Typed in, as data
In the database, say
Registered for
Signed up for
Stepped inside
Chose to compete in
Signed up
Put forward formally
Put down
Broke in, e.g.
In it, as a contest
Put in
Became involved in
Made a record of
Set foot in
Joined, as a club
Wrote in
Embarked on
Put in a log
Took part in
Wrote down
In the fold
Was a diarist
Joined a contest
Put on the record
Made a debut
Went onstage
Took the stage
Engaged in.
Went in.
Did a bookkeeping job.
Started upon.
Began (with "on").
Used a turnstile.
Came in.
Joined in.
Became a member of
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.