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Crossword Clues for ENTREE

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Clue Source Date
Starter follower New York Times 16 Oct 2020
Menu choice Thomas Joseph 19 Sep 2020
Main course Premier Sunday 02 Aug 2020
English course in north-west, skipping excellent French course The Telegraph Toughie 26 Jun 2020
Main dish Eugene Sheffer 10 Jun 2020
Order often served with sides Universal 08 Jun 2020
Dish The Washington Post 26 Apr 2020
Item on many a diner check LA Times Daily 07 Mar 2020
Major course The Washington Post 22 Feb 2020
Dinner menu item The Washington Post 21 Feb 2020
Menu selection
52-Across, at a Cajun restaurant USA Today 29 Nov 2019
Open letter dismisses plot, of course Irish Times Crosaire 12 Nov 2019
Dish takes part in ancient reenactment The Sun Two Speed 06 Nov 2019
Dinner course The Sun Two Speed 06 Nov 2019
Crasher's quest Newsday 19 Oct 2019
Main dinner course Newsday 27 Aug 2019
*Futuristic film of 1982 New York Times 07 Aug 2019
Of course, this should get the juices flowing! Irish Times Crosaire 23 Jul 2019
Main course in middle of menu, something woody The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Jun 2019
Prix fixe selection USA Today 27 Mar 2019
Dining selection The Washington Post 24 Feb 2019
Unqualified one abandoned English course The Sun Two Speed 18 Feb 2019
Starter The Sun Two Speed 18 Feb 2019
Primary course New York Times 08 Feb 2019
The right to enter a particular sphere Irish Times Simplex 29 Jan 2019
Access granted Newsday 25 Jan 2019
Course taken by some in parliament re-elected The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Dec 2018
One leaving whole sheep's heart in dish The Sun Two Speed 22 Dec 2018
Dish carried by salver, as the English say The Guardian Cryptic 22 Nov 2018
Salad's frequent follower Newsday 11 Nov 2018
Freedom of access Irish Times Simplex 02 Nov 2018
Lobster or steak, notably Universal 18 Oct 2018
The right of admission or entry Irish Times Simplex 15 Oct 2018
Salad follower, perhaps USA Today 15 Oct 2018
Prix-fixe selection The New Yorker 08 Oct 2018
Course for a gourmand Universal 08 Oct 2018
Access Newsday 22 Sep 2018
Fancy dinner feature? Universal 07 Sep 2018
Menu offering Family Time 26 Aug 2018
Main meal Universal 01 Aug 2018
Main order Universal 14 Jul 2018
Porterhouse in a steakhouse, e.g The Washington Post Sunday 03 Jun 2018
Access space by bay perhaps The Telegraph Cryptic 12 May 2018
For a starter, top soldiers on plane? The Telegraph Toughie 04 May 2018
Course before 23-Across USA Today 19 Mar 2018
Appetizer follower The Washington Post 20 Feb 2018
Surf and turf, say The Washington Post 15 Feb 2018
What's for dinner Newsday 11 Feb 2018
Admission in course of dinner? The Telegraph Cryptic 01 Feb 2018
Dominant dish
Big dish
It's usually just before dessert The Washington Post 24 Dec 2017
Special, maybe The Washington Post Sunday 10 Dec 2017
Meal course The Telegraph Quick 21 Jul 2017
Admission to course The Telegraph Toughie 18 Jul 2017
It might have two sides Wall Street Journal 27 May 2017
Admission in French service maybe The Telegraph Toughie 06 Apr 2017
Carte part LA Times Daily 25 Feb 2017
Salad follower, often USA Today 21 Feb 2017
Dish, and how it's carried to diner, reportedly The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Feb 2017
Course for which Egyptian's evacuated plane, possibly The Times Cryptic 01 Feb 2017
Permission to join Wall Street Journal 15 Dec 2016
Post-salad course The Washington Post 25 Oct 2016
Middle course Wall Street Journal 14 Sep 2016
Soup follower Jonesin 06 Sep 2016
Engineer gets new start and leaves home, for starters Irish Times Crosaire 12 Aug 2016
Something with two sides? New York Times 31 Jul 2016
English racing venue not top-class course The Telegraph Cryptic 16 Jul 2016
Rent building freely at the centre in Lyon, for starters Irish Times Crosaire 11 Jul 2016
Menu pick Wall Street Journal 01 Jun 2016
Main course in a restaurant Universal 13 Feb 2016
One might have two sides Wall Street Journal 11 Feb 2016
Race venue -- base for excellent course The Telegraph Toughie 04 Feb 2016
Part of an order
Points to large woody plant as course in a meal The Sun Two Speed 08 Dec 2015
Course of a meal The Sun Two Speed 08 Dec 2015
Course in French service, perhaps The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Aug 2015
Admittance Newsday 02 Jul 2015
Prix fixe part Premier Sunday 07 Jun 2015
Hospital department curtailed dance course The Telegraph Toughie 28 Apr 2015
Restaurant serving USA Today 10 Mar 2015
Chef's special, usually
Main order in a restaurant
Means of admittance
Daily special, e.g.
Chicken cordon bleu, for one
Diner's decision
Salad follower
Course between salad and dessert
Course after the appetizer
Serving between appetizer and dessert
It may have one or two sides
Course between appetizer and dessert
Access card, say
Course after the salad
Menu listing
Course for a gourmet
Course before dessert
Clear access
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.