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Crossword Clues for ENTS

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Clue Source Date
Tolkien creatures Eugene Sheffer 22 Sep 2020
Otolaryngologists, for short USA Today 18 Sep 2020
Tolkien race New York Times 30 Aug 2020
Tolkien tree people Canadiana 10 Aug 2020
Tolkien’s Skinbark and Treebeard Wall Street Journal 23 Jun 2020
Specialist M.D.s New York Times 28 May 2020
Creatures in Tolkien's Fangorn Forest New York Times 26 Feb 2020
Apnea-treating M.D.s New York Times 10 Oct 2019
Head experts? Jonesin 13 Aug 2019
Treebeard, Beechbone, Leaflock and kin Wall Street Journal 03 Aug 2019
Laryngitis docs The Washington Post 30 Jun 2019
Tolkien critters Canadiana 03 Jun 2019
Docs who get "ahs" Universal 23 Apr 2019
Drs. who might diagnose dizziness Wall Street Journal 23 Apr 2019
Middle-earth giants The Washington Post Sunday 17 Feb 2019
Fangorn Forest folk The Washington Post Sunday 09 Dec 2018
Foes of the evil Saruman The Washington Post 14 Nov 2018
Dendriform Tolkien creatures The Washington Post Sunday 07 Oct 2018
Sinusitis docs The Washington Post 05 Oct 2018
Balance checkers, briefly Newsday 29 Sep 2018
Tolkien tree creatures New York Times 27 Sep 2018
They took some Hobbits to Isengard The Washington Post Sunday 08 Jul 2018
Drs. that see head cases New York Times 06 Jul 2018
Rhinitis-treating docs The Washington Post Sunday 28 Jan 2018
Sinusitis docs (2)
Fangorn Forest race Wall Street Journal 21 Dec 2017
Beechbone and Treebeard Wall Street Journal 02 Dec 2017
Isengard's destroyers Wall Street Journal 23 Sep 2017
Sinus specialists, for short Jonesin 22 Aug 2017
Sinus docs The Washington Post 14 Aug 2017
Treebeard's kin Wall Street Journal 14 Jan 2017
Specialty docs LA Times Daily 31 Dec 2016
Tolkien types Canadiana 05 Dec 2016
Tolkien's tree herders Wall Street Journal 29 Nov 2016
'Lord of the Rings' creatures Jonesin 06 Sep 2016
Tolkien's talking trees The Washington Post 25 Apr 2016
Middle Earth creatures The Washington Post 10 Apr 2016
Residents of Tolkien's Fangorn Forest Wall Street Journal 01 Mar 2016
'Lord of the Rings' tree creatures Jonesin 05 Jan 2016
Tolkien tree giants LA Times Daily 28 Dec 2015
Vertigo diagnosers, briefly New York Times 19 Dec 2015
Tolkien's Treebeard et al LA Times Daily 02 Dec 2015
Mastoiditis specialists, for short New York Times 19 Nov 2015
"The Lord of the Rings" race LA Times Daily 08 Nov 2015
Tolkien entities Canadiana 05 Oct 2015
Tolkien race with long-lost wives and children The Chronicle of Higher Education 02 Oct 2015
Foes of Saruman in 'The Two Towers' New York Times 26 May 2015
War of the Ring force LA Times Daily 24 May 2015
Head docs? New York Times 10 Apr 2015
Frodo's forest friends LA Times Daily 01 Mar 2015
Docs with little flashlights New York Times 16 Feb 2015
Foes of Saruman in "The Two Towers"
Tolkien's Treebeard et al.
Sinus specialists, briefly
Larynx and pharynx docs
Tolkien forest creatures
Wizards of aahs, for short?
Middle-earth creatures
Fangorn denizens
Rhinitis docs
Fangorn Forest denizens
Fictional tree creatures
Wooden creatures of fantasy
Hobbit allies
Docs treating tonsillitis
M.D.'s with tiny flashlights
Tonsillitis-treating MDs
Strep throat-treating docs
"Lord of the Rings" tree creatures
Friends of hobbits
"The Last March of the ___" (scene in "The Two Towers")
Tolkien's tree creatures
Tolkien's talking tree race
Forest race of fantasy
"The Lord of the Rings" tree creatures
MDs for otitis sufferers
Forest friends of Frodo
"Lord of the Rings" creatures
"Lord of the Rings" tree beings
Tolkien's tree beings
Tonsil drs.
Tolkien's Skinbark and Leaflock, e.g.
Stormers of Saruman's fortress, in "The Lord of the Rings"
Laryngitis specialists, for short
Drs. eliciting 59-Acrosses
Hobbit helpers
Tolkien's shepherds of the trees
Forest of Fangorn creatures
Foes of Saruman, in "The Two Towers"
MDs for sinus sufferers
Docs with penlights
Tolkien tree beings
Specialist M.D.'s
Multi-organ docs
Med. specialists who might treat tonsillitis
Humanoid trees in Tolkien
Docs who might treat sinusitis
Tolkien's Treebeard and kin
Tolkien tree-beings
Sinusitis specialists, briefly
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.