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Crossword Clues for EPOS

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Clue Source Date
Heroic poem The Washington Post 22 Dec 2019
Lofty verse The Washington Post 15 Jun 2019
Heroic poetry New York Times 12 May 2019
Vaunted verses
A heroic poem, or modern retail technology The Times Specialist Sunday 19 Aug 2018
Some narrative writing Universal 27 Jun 2018
Long, heroic poem Universal 08 Jun 2018
Heroic verse Eugene Sheffer 25 May 2018
Grand-scale poetry The Washington Post 25 Apr 2018
Poetry of a people Universal 04 Jan 2018
Lofty poetry Premier Sunday 31 Dec 2017
Large body of poetry Universal 01 Dec 2017
Poetry on a grand theme Universal 06 Oct 2017
Long narrative poem The Washington Post 08 Aug 2017
'Beowulf' and others New York Times 16 Jul 2017
Long narrative poem telling of a hero's deeds Family Time 03 Jul 2017
Long poem telling of a hero's deeds Universal 08 Apr 2017
'Beowulf,' for one The Washington Post 31 Mar 2017
"Beowulf," for one LA Times Daily 31 Mar 2017
Classic narrative poetry Universal 14 Mar 2017
"Beowulf" and others
Long verse LA Times Daily 30 Aug 2016
Collection of poetry Universal 05 Mar 2016
Classic poetry Universal 28 Feb 2016
Body of majestic poetry USA Today 07 Feb 2016
Poems featuring 39-Across New York Times 04 Jan 2016
'Odyssey,' for one New York Times 26 Nov 2015
Grand verses USA Today 03 Nov 2015
Long heroic tale Universal 27 Sep 2015
Poetic collection USA Today 21 Sep 2015
"Aeneid," for one LA Times Daily 17 May 2015
Poetic saga Universal 08 May 2015
Poetry on a grand scale USA Today 01 May 2015
Epic poems, for short Canadiana 06 Apr 2015
Collection of poems Universal 28 Mar 2015
Long, heroic tale Universal 11 Feb 2015
"Odyssey," for one
Narrative poetry
Oral poetry
Grand poetry
Epic poem
Collection of narrative poems
Long poem
Narrative verse
Narrative writing
Kind of poetry collection
Heroic sagas
"Beowulf" or "Gilgamesh"
Body of poetry
Poetry on an epic theme
Epic poetry
Collection of verse
Apollonius of Rhodes' "Argonautica," e.g.
"Beowulf," e.g.
Verse saga
Grandiose poetry
Poem on a grand theme
"Gilgamesh," e.g.
Group of poems
Milton's "Paradise Lost," e.g.
Poetry collection
"Aeneid," e.g.
Poetic storytelling
The travels of Odysseus, e.g.
Oral verse
Poetic work
Big poem
Homeric material
Poem telling of heroic deeds
"Iliad" and "Odyssey," e.g.
Work of Homer
"Odyssey," e.g.
"Iliad" or "Odyssey"
Saga in verse
Collection of primitive poems
Lyric poem
Works of Homer
Poetic cycle
"Iliad" or "Aeneid"
Orally-passed collection of poems
"Iliad," "Odyssey" and the like
"Iliad" or "Odyssey," e.g.
Major poetic effort
Oral verse collection
Poetry studied in Greek class
Paradise Lost for one
Type of poem
Iliad for example
Heroic work
Virgil genre
Thematic poetry
Heroic subject
The "Odyssey," e.g.
Homeric poetry
The "Illiad," for one
Major poem
Homer's "Iliad", e.g.
Primitive poetry collection
Collection of verses
Series of imposing events
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.