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Crossword Clues for ERAT

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Clue Source Date
Part of Q.E.D New York Times 22 Nov 2020
It was: Lat New York Times 16 Nov 2020
Quod ___ demonstrandum New York Times 10 Nov 2020
The "E" of QED Universal 23 Oct 2020
The 'E' in Q.E.D The Washington Post 18 Oct 2020
The "E" in Q.E.D LA Times Daily 18 Oct 2020
Part of QED Universal 23 Aug 2020
The 'E' of Q.E.D New York Times 11 Aug 2020
QED's "E" Premier Sunday 07 Jun 2020
"QED" center Premier Sunday 17 May 2020
Q.E.D. word The Washington Post 10 May 2020
The "E" in QED Universal 07 Apr 2020
Bit of Q.E.D New York Times 29 Mar 2020
QED part Premier Sunday 23 Feb 2020
Part of the conjugation of the Latin "esse"
Quod-demonstrandum connector Universal 29 Dec 2019
Middle proof word The Washington Post 11 Dec 2019
Quod ___ faciendum New York Times 17 Nov 2019
The 'E' of QED Premier Sunday 10 Nov 2019
'QED' center Premier Sunday 15 Sep 2019
Quod __ demonstrandum The Washington Post 08 Sep 2019
Middle of Q.E.D The Washington Post 28 Aug 2019
Logician's 'E' The Washington Post 22 Aug 2019
Logician's "E" LA Times Daily 22 Aug 2019
Middle of QED Wall Street Journal 14 Aug 2019
Q.E.D. part The Washington Post 07 Apr 2019
Proof word The Washington Post 03 Apr 2019
'QED' part Premier Sunday 10 Mar 2019
The "E" of Q.E.D.
The "E" in Q.E.D.
Part of Q.E.D.
Middle of Q.E.D.
Part of Q.E.F New York Times 17 Nov 2018
'He was,' in Latin New York Times 16 Oct 2018
Word of proof? The Washington Post 05 Apr 2018
"It was," in old Rome
Part of Q.E.F.
"He was," in Latin
Form of 'sum' New York Times 21 Dec 2017
The 'E' in QED The Chronicle of Higher Education 08 Dec 2017
QED's center Premier Sunday 30 Jul 2017
Latin 101 word The Washington Post 23 Apr 2017
Form of "sum"
Part of the 'sum' conjugation New York Times 10 Nov 2016
Q.E.F. part New York Times 14 Feb 2016
Part of the "sum" conjugation
QED verb Wall Street Journal 15 Oct 2015
Latin I word Universal 18 May 2015
'Hoc ___ in votis' The Chronicle of Higher Education 08 May 2015
Sic ___ scriptum New York Times 06 Feb 2015
Sum, in a different form LA Times Daily 03 Jan 2015
The E in Q.E.D.
"Hoc ___ in votis"
Part of Q.E.F. or Q.E.D.
Latin "was to be"
"In principio ___ Verbum"
QED center
Proof end middle
Proof-ending word
"It was," in Latin
"In principio ___ Verbum" (biblical phrase)
Logician's "E," perhaps
What was was, in old Rome
Latin word that's an anagram of 62-Across
Logic lesson verb
Q.E.D. center
The E in QED
It precedes "demonstrandum"
"E" in QED
Was, in Latin
The E of Q.E.D.
The E of QED
"In principio ___ Verbum" (words from John 1:1)
"Hoc ___ in votis": Horace
Part of QED
Was at the forum?
QED middle
The 'E' of Q.E.D.
"He was," in Caesar's time
Was to be: Lat.
QED's middle
Word in a proof's conclusion
It was in old Rome?
"Quod ___ faciendum"
Was at the Colosseum?
Form of the Latin "esse"
"Sicut ___ in principio" (doxology phrase)
Martin of the Nashville Predators
108 's E.
Quod ___ de-mon-stran-dum
Preceder of "demonstrandum"
"He was" in Caesar's time
Word in a proof ending
Latin I verb
Part of QEF
Word after quod
"___ Hora" (Ezra Pound poem)
"In principio ___ Verbum et …"
Latin phrase center
Latin I verb conjugation
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.