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Crossword Clues for ESTHER

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Clue Source Date
Book before Job Newsday 16 Oct 2020
Book after Nehemiah New York Times 27 Sep 2020
Purim heroine New York Times 16 Sep 2020
One of a pair of Old Testament books with female names New York Times 24 Aug 2020
Old Testament heroine Universal 15 Jun 2020
Bible book named for a woman LA Times Daily 27 May 2020
Purim honoree Wall Street Journal 11 May 2020
Old Testament book The Telegraph Quick 17 Apr 2020
Girl's name; OT book The Times Concise 07 Dec 2019
Rolle of 'Good Times' The Washington Post Sunday 01 Dec 2019
Old Testament queen Newsday 22 Aug 2019
Set off with that woman after Judith, in the Biblical sense Irish Times Crosaire 18 May 2019
Woman among best here The Sun Two Speed 16 May 2019
Book after Job The Sun Two Speed 16 May 2019
The Jewish feast of Purim celebrates this Persian queen The Times Specialist Sunday 07 Apr 2019
R. & B. singer Phillips The New Yorker 28 Jan 2019
Old Testament book about an attempt to exterminate the Jewish nation The Times Specialist Sunday 02 Dec 2018
Female name The Sun Two Speed 26 Nov 2018
Bible book second in number? The Sun Two Speed 26 Nov 2018
Williams, 'America's Mermaid' USA Today 29 May 2018
Woman's name The Sun Two Speed 23 May 2018
Among trees the real Biblical beauty The Sun Two Speed 23 May 2018
Biblical queen Wall Street Journal 06 Feb 2018
Bible book read during Purim The Washington Post 26 Jan 2018
Williams, "America's Mermaid"
Queen celebrated at Purim Wall Street Journal 02 Dec 2017
Bible book before Job Universal 05 Sep 2017
OT book The Telegraph Quick 28 Aug 2017
Old Testament book that tells of a beautiful Jewess Irish Times Simplex 05 Aug 2017
Bible-toting aunt on 'Sanford and Son' The Washington Post 27 May 2017
Bible-toting aunt on "Sanford and Son" LA Times Daily 27 May 2017
Old Testament book following Nehemiah The Telegraph General Knowledge 19 Feb 2017
Rolle of "Good Times" USA Today 18 Oct 2016
Rolle with a sitcom role Premier Sunday 05 Jun 2016
OT character who's among bravest heroines The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Dec 2015
Wife of Xerxes I Wall Street Journal 11 Dec 2015
Old Testament figure among bravest heroines The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Sep 2015
Heroine of Purim New York Times 31 Aug 2015
Job follows it Premier Sunday 02 Aug 2015
Queen of Persia protected by Xerxes there The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Jul 2015
What may get you to sleep picking up Amis's latest book The Telegraph Toughie 24 Mar 2015
Book read from at Purim The Chronicle of Higher Education 13 Feb 2015
Book read during the Jewish holiday Purim LA Times Daily 04 Jan 2015
Swimmer Williams
Sitcom actress Rolle
Purim story hero
Job preceder
Only Bible book that doesn't mention God
Rolle of TV's "Good Times"
Purim reading
Megillah book
Williams of "Bathing Beauty"
Nehemiah-Job linkup
Purim queen
"Good Times" actress Rolle
"Sanford and Son" aunt
Her book is read during the Jewish holiday Purim
Only Bible book lacking the word "God"
Book recited during Purim
Swimmer/actress Williams
Queen of the Bible
Job forerunner
Biblical woman also called Hadassah
Rolle who starred in "Good Times"
Handel oratorio about a biblical woman
Espoused of Ahasuerus, in the Bible
Swimming actress Williams
Handel's ___, the first English oratorio
Actress/swimmer Williams
Book read during Purim
Bible book
Aunt on "Sanford and Son"
Book about the Feast of Purim
Feast of Lots book
Actress Rolle
R & B singer Phillips
Biblical book between Nehemiah and Job
Film swimmer Williams
Purim figure
Judith follower
Job lead-in
Job antecedent
Grandma Walton, of 1970's TV
Bible book named after a woman
Wet Williams
Book that says "Mordecai rent his clothes, and put on sackcloth with ashes"
Bible book that follows Nehemiah
Famous Williams
Rolle in the movies
Book of the Bible in which the word "God" never appears
Biblical heroine
Rolle of Good Times
Queen of Persia, in the Bible
Williams in the water
Ahasuerus queen
First name on "Good Times"
It begins "In the days of Ahasuerus ..."
Williams who made a big splash!
Swimmer/ actress Williams
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.