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Crossword Clues for ETHANE

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Clue Source Date
Flammable compound with two carbons New York Times 26 Sep 2020
Natural gas component Premier Sunday 20 Sep 2020
Fuel gas Thomas Joseph 20 Aug 2020
Flammable gas LA Times Daily 11 May 2020
Gas that's a man's name + E New York Times 20 Nov 2019
Colorless gas Family Time 17 Nov 2019
Odorless gas Eugene Sheffer 02 Nov 2019
Simple hydrocarbon New York Times 29 Sep 2019
Gas supplying energy to most of Kent region The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Sep 2019
Component of natural gas New York Times 19 Aug 2019
Chemical compound first synthesised by Faraday in 1834 The Times Specialist Sunday 14 Jul 2019
Gas in natural gas Newsday 19 Apr 2019
Hydrocarbon gas The Washington Post 11 Jan 2019
Certain fuel gas Universal 18 Nov 2018
Gas in fuel New York Times 26 Jun 2018
Gas used as fuel Universal 16 Jun 2018
C2H6, familiarly New York Times 23 Nov 2017
More than enough as storage for gas The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Nov 2017
Component of crude Newsday 04 Aug 2017
Petroleum refining byproduct Newsday 29 Jul 2017
Petroleum refinery byproduct USA Today 13 Feb 2017
Flammable fuel Thomas Joseph 11 Feb 2017
Flammable hydrocarbon LA Times Daily 30 Jan 2017
Colorless fuel gas USA Today 19 Dec 2016
Colorless, odorless gas The Washington Post 07 Nov 2016
Gas in eastern district of Kent in short supply The Times Cryptic 19 Apr 2016
Colorless, odorless fuel gas Universal 13 Mar 2016
Byproduct in petroleum refining New York Times 06 Sep 2015
Removal of mass from firedamp produces gas The Telegraph Toughie 14 Jul 2015
Byproduct of petroleum refining
Refinery by-product
Part of natural gas
Odorless fuel gas
A fuel gas
Gas in crude petroleum
Second-simplest hydrocarbon
Gas with or without an "m"
Natural-gas component
Petroleum component
Crude component
Gaseous hydrocarbon
Flammable 52 Down
Colorless, odorless gas used as fuel
Hydrocarbon with two carbons
By-product of oil refining
Gas in fuel mixtures
Colorless, odorless alkane
Cryogenic refrigerant
Natural gas constituent
Odorless hydrocarbon
Two-carbon hydrocarbon
Fuel choice
It's a gas
Gas used as a fuel
Constituent of natural gas
Natural gas
Natural-gas ingredient
Crude petroleum component
Colorless fuel
Fuel ingredient
Element in fuels
Natural gas ingredient
Petroleum byproduct
A flammable gas
Refrigerant gas
Natrual gas component
Gas fuel
Hydrocarbon fuel
Gas for fuel
A refrigerant
Refrigerant or fuel
Kin of propane
Type of fuel
Colorless hydrocarbon.
Constituent of natural gas.
Gaseous hydrocarbon.
Odorless, gaseous chemical.
Inodorous gas.
Hydrocarbon in natural gas.
Refrigerant gas.
Fuel gas.
Element in natural gas.
Gas from petroleum.
Gas found in crude petroleum.
Gaseous hydrocarbon, source of alcohol.
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