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Crossword Clues for FAS

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Clue Source Date
Notes after mis Thomas Joseph 26 Jun 2019
B-flats in an F major scale The Washington Post 16 Dec 2018
Followers of mis New York Times 13 Nov 2018
Notes before sols Wall Street Journal 18 Aug 2018
Mi followers Universal 03 Aug 2018
Sol preceders The Washington Post 08 Apr 2018
Fourth tones in scales USA Today 17 Feb 2018
Fourth notes The Washington Post 28 Jan 2018
Scale notes New York Times 11 Nov 2017
Fourth notes in major scales USA Today 23 Jun 2017
Singer's warm-up syllables Wall Street Journal 27 Jan 2017
Fourth scale steps Premier Sunday 03 Jul 2016
Fourth musical scale sounds Universal 03 Jul 2016
Some scale tones The Washington Post 21 Jun 2016
Fourth parts in series of eight New York Times 06 Mar 2016
Musical notes after mis Jonesin 27 Oct 2015
Scale fourths LA Times Daily 21 May 2015
Musical fourths LA Times Daily 12 Apr 2015
Mis' neighbors Eugene Sheffer 23 Feb 2015
Notes above mis
In between the mis and the sols
Fourth notes in a scale
Mi-sol go-betweens
Between mis and sols
"Strangers in the Night" singer's initials
Notes between mis and sols
Solfeggio syllables
Musical syllables
Sols' neighbors
Musical notes
Some scale syllables
Fourth notes in a diatonic scale
Sol-___ (does some practice singing)
Notes of scales
Monogram of "Ol' Blue Eyes"
'Deck the Halls' syllables
Fourth members of a musical group
Fourth notes in diatonic scales
Points on a scale
Fourth steps
They're fourth on a musical scale
Fourth steps in some sequences
Singer's warmup syllables
They follow mis on a music scale
___ in Frank
Some notes
Solmization syllables
Mis' followers
Some musical syllables
Solfeggio tones
Fourth tones
Fourths of a series
Mi's scale followers
Scale tones
Diatonic scale notes
Scale syllables
_____ in Frank
They're fourth on the way up
Notes in a scale
Mis followers
Tones above mis
Monogram of Ol' Blue Eyes
Monogram of "The Voice"
Notes of the scale.
Musical notes.
Musical syllables.
Scale notes.
Religious law: Lat.
Justice: Lat.
Divine law of the Romans.
Relative of f. o. b.
Divine law: Lat.
Roman divine law.
Fez: Arabic.
Roman divine law, distinguished from jus.
Sos preceders
Notes around Christmastime?
Mis follower
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