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Crossword Clues for FETA

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Clue Source Date
Crumbly cheese Wall Street Journal 25 Nov 2020
First mate cutting Trim's goat's cheese Irish Times Crosaire 21 Nov 2020
Cheese in moussaka New York Times 19 Nov 2020
Greek salad component Wall Street Journal 19 Nov 2020
Greek cheese The Times Concise 15 Nov 2020
Cheese paired with eggplant USA Today 28 Oct 2020
Greek grub takes fine time to arrive? The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Oct 2020
Greek salad cheese USA Today 12 Oct 2020
White Greek sheep or goat cheese The Telegraph General Knowledge 06 Sep 2020
Some revolutionary characters grateful one of those from 15 across brought on board? Irish Times Crosaire 26 Aug 2020
Spanakopita cheese USA Today 30 Jul 2020
Type of cheese The Telegraph Quick 14 Jul 2020
Spanakopita ingredient Wall Street Journal 14 Jul 2020
Cheese paired with watermelon USA Today 29 Jun 2020
Crumbly cheese from Greece USA Today 25 Jun 2020
Crumbly Greek cheese Newsday 08 Jun 2020
Cheese in tirokafteri USA Today 27 May 2020
Cheese on a Greek salad USA Today 08 May 2020
Spinach pie cheese Newsday 19 Apr 2020
Crumbly salad topper New York Times 19 Mar 2020
Fine tea brewed: here's cheese The Sun Two Speed 12 Feb 2020
Greek dairy product The Sun Two Speed 12 Feb 2020
Crumbly cheese in a Greek salad
White pizza topping
Tangy Greek cheese
White cheese The Telegraph Quick 21 Dec 2019
Ingredient in spanakopita New York Times 08 Dec 2019
First mate misses Trim's goat's cheese Irish Times Crosaire 07 Dec 2019
Salty Greek cheese Premier Sunday 24 Nov 2019
Sample of ultimate figs served up with cheese Irish Times Crosaire 25 Oct 2019
Brine-cured cheese New York Times 20 Oct 2019
Female stirring tea gets cheese The Sun Two Speed 14 Oct 2019
Crumbly salad ingredient New York Times 12 Oct 2019
Cheese fine with spicy tea The Sun Two Speed 09 Oct 2019
Greek salad topping Wall Street Journal 23 Sep 2019
Cheese sometimes made with goat's milk Universal 20 Sep 2019
Greek salad sprinkling Newsday 08 Sep 2019
Cheese in spanakopita Universal 07 Sep 2019
Ingredient in a spanakopita pastry New York Times 31 Aug 2019
Soft Greek cheese The Times Concise 23 Aug 2019
Salty cheese Universal 18 Aug 2019
White Greek cheese Newsday 22 Jul 2019
Sheep's milk product New York Times 12 Jul 2019
Greek salad ingredient Wall Street Journal 17 Jun 2019
Free-trade agreement covering European cheese? The Telegraph Toughie 01 May 2019
Greek salad topper The Washington Post 05 Apr 2019
Brined-curd product Newsday 16 Mar 2019
Cheese knife Tanya holds The Sun Two Speed 09 Mar 2019
Part of buffet arrives with cheese Irish Times Crosaire 30 Jan 2019
Cheese served with kalamata olives The Washington Post 28 Dec 2018
Goat's milk cheese Universal 24 Dec 2018
Spinach pie ingredient Newsday 21 Dec 2018
Cheese variety Universal 24 Oct 2018
Cheese in Greek salad USA Today 14 Oct 2018
Goat cheese Thomas Joseph 19 Sep 2018
Initially, Frenchman eats the artisan cheese The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Aug 2018
Cheese in spinach pie USA Today 22 Aug 2018
Cheese in some salads Universal 18 Jul 2018
Cheese knife Tamsin holds The Sun Two Speed 16 May 2018
Potato topping, in Greek cuisine Newsday 23 Mar 2018
Cheese after tea regularly The Sun Two Speed 15 Mar 2018
Crumbly white cheese Newsday 09 Mar 2018
Cheese in a Greek salad Newsday 28 Feb 2018
Cheese that crumbles Premier Sunday 18 Feb 2018
Cheese The Telegraph Quick 09 Feb 2018
Odd fate of dairy product The Sun Two Speed 13 Jan 2018
Greek cheese from goat or sheep milk Irish Times Simplex 21 Dec 2017
Salad cheese Wall Street Journal 10 Oct 2017
Cheese genre Canadiana 25 Sep 2017
Crumbly white low-fat Greek cheese The Telegraph General Knowledge 24 Sep 2017
Greek diner staple Newsday 14 Sep 2017
Cheese often served with olives New York Times 03 Sep 2017
Tiropita ingredient Wall Street Journal 06 Jul 2017
Easily crumbled cheese USA Today 26 Jun 2017
Cheese in a Greek omelet USA Today 22 Jun 2017
Cheese usually made with sheep's milk Wall Street Journal 23 May 2017
Erica leaves cafeteria with cheese Irish Times Crosaire 13 Apr 2017
Crumbly salad additive Wall Street Journal 16 Mar 2017
Regularly feed team cheese The Times Cryptic 15 Feb 2017
10 down cheese The Times Concise 07 Feb 2017
Salty salad topping New York Times 23 Nov 2016
Mediterranean pizza topping New York Times 03 Sep 2016
Salty Mediterranean sprinkle The Chronicle of Higher Education 29 Apr 2016
Brine-cured Greek cheese LA Times Daily 18 Apr 2016
Cheese in spinach pies New York Times 14 Mar 2016
Product of Greek culture? New York Times 26 Feb 2016
French-Greek character might be an alternative for Munster? Irish Times Crosaire 18 Dec 2015
Cheese knife taster is holding The Times Cryptic 14 Dec 2015
Big cheese in Greece? The Washington Post 13 Dec 2015
Greek-salad cheese USA Today 09 Dec 2015
Greek pizza topping LA Times Daily 26 Nov 2015
Cheese of fine Greek character? The Times Cryptic 05 Oct 2015
Vegan Greek salad omission LA Times Daily 19 Apr 2015
Fine Greek character producing his cheese The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Apr 2015
Soft white cheese USA Today 02 Apr 2015
Caf? Stork drops Cork's cheese Irish Times Crosaire 13 Jan 2015
Big cheese in Greece
Crumbly cheese in fattoush
Goat milk product
Cheese you can crumble
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.