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Crossword Clues for FETES

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Clue Source Date
Regales New York Times 24 Jul 2020
Big dos Wall Street Journal 23 Jul 2020
Shindigs Newsday 17 Apr 2020
Lavish parties USA Today 29 Mar 2020
Bashes LA Times Daily 14 Mar 2020
Big celebrations The Washington Post 27 Dec 2019
Big bashes New York Times 10 Dec 2019
Lavish affairs USA Today 07 Apr 2019
Throws a party for USA Today 02 Mar 2019
Pays honor to
Honors in style USA Today 12 Nov 2017
Wines and dines USA Today 22 Jul 2017
Fancy parties Thomas Joseph 22 Apr 2017
Big soirees Newsday 21 Apr 2017
Honors with a party Universal 24 Nov 2016
Major parties Newsday 19 Nov 2016
Grand affairs New York Times 05 Nov 2016
Throws a party in honor of The Chronicle of Higher Education 28 Oct 2016
Honors, in a way The Washington Post 26 Oct 2016
Lavish celebrations Newsday 11 Jul 2016
Honors with a gala Newsday 07 Jul 2016
Festive celebrations Universal 16 Nov 2015
Garden parties and some buffet, especially The Sun Two Speed 06 Nov 2015
Bazaars The Sun Two Speed 06 Nov 2015
Feasts Universal 27 Jul 2015
Rolls out the red carpet for USA Today 23 Jul 2015
Celebrations Universal 27 May 2015
Elaborate parties Newsday 02 Mar 2015
Honors with a fancy party
Some fundraisers
Big parties
Honors with style
Merry celebrations
Parties for royalty, say
Major bashes
Pays homage to
Fraternity parties they're not
Big doings
Joyous celebrations
Swanky dos
Honors grandly
Gala celebrations
Elaborate celebrations
Big do
Balls, e.g.
Days of celebration
Some garden parties
Lawn parties.
Gay affalrs.
Garden parties.
Wines and dines.
Gives a party for.
Holiday parties
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.