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Crossword Clues for FIESTA

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Clue Source Date
Festival Canadiana 12 Oct 2020
Celebration in Saltillo The Washington Post Sunday 04 Oct 2020
Baja party Premier Sunday 27 Sep 2020
Carnival The Telegraph Quick 21 Aug 2020
Strange feast seats one for celebration The Sun Two Speed 28 Jul 2020
Spanish party The Sun Two Speed 28 Jul 2020
Religious festival in Hispanic communities Irish Times Simplex 25 Jul 2020
Party with a pinata, perhaps Universal 08 Jul 2020
Shindig in Salamanca The Washington Post Sunday 14 Jun 2020
Spanish celebration Universal 31 Dec 2019
Included in selfie staggering out of Spanish celebration Irish Times Crosaire 30 Dec 2019
Guatemala gala Newsday 29 Dec 2019
Party with a pinata USA Today 01 Dec 2019
Party you'll see when two Staffies meet nose-to-tail? The Telegraph Toughie 18 Oct 2019
Supplier of punch packed with booze finally joining a party The Telegraph Cryptic 29 Sep 2019
Celebration Universal 20 Sep 2019
Galicia gala Jonesin 03 Sep 2019
Hand over key to a car Irish Times Crosaire 08 Jul 2019
Big party Universal 15 Jun 2019
Quinceañera, for one The New Yorker 25 Mar 2019
Religious festival The Times Concise 01 Feb 2019
Baja blast New York Times 08 Nov 2018
Party with a piñata The Washington Post 03 Oct 2018
Mexican party Universal 27 Jul 2018
Cinco de Mayo celebration USA Today 15 May 2018
Occasion for a piñata New York Times 10 Mar 2018
Chihuahua party The Washington Post Sunday 04 Feb 2018
Cinco de Mayo party Eugene Sheffer 07 Aug 2017
Mexican celebration Universal 31 Jul 2017
Religious celebration at centre of belief I establish The Telegraph Cryptic 07 May 2017
Gala gathering The Washington Post 28 Apr 2017
Saint's day; carnival The Times Concise 23 Jan 2017
Ford green machine Canadiana 29 Aug 2016
Driven model organised festival -- not large? Not very The Telegraph Toughie 02 Aug 2016
Big bash Universal 21 Apr 2016
British title of Hemingway's 'The Sun Also Rises' Wall Street Journal 04 Feb 2016
44-Down model LA Times Daily 26 Dec 2015
Simple leaving families' pets for Pamplona party Irish Times Crosaire 28 Nov 2015
Cinco de Mayo celebration, e.g Universal 13 Nov 2015
Event with a pinata Universal 31 Oct 2015
Simple leaving stepfamilies in Pamplona party Irish Times Crosaire 16 Jun 2015
Ford model Wall Street Journal 15 Jun 2015
Carnival site wrecked in outskirts of Fuengirola The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Apr 2015
Cinco de Mayo event Thomas Joseph 02 Apr 2015
Event with a cantina, maybe New York Times 08 Feb 2015
Party in Pamplona
Cinco de Mayo celebration, e.g.
South of the border celebration
Mexican gala
Acapulco party
Party with a piñata, say
Granada gala
Big do
Holiday celebration
Durango do
Baja bash
Piñata-hitting occasion
Ford subcompact since 1976
Guadalajara gala
___ Bowl
Party south of the border
South American celebration
Sonora celebration
Time of merriment
Big Spanish celebration
Event with a piñata
Tiny Ford model
Quinceañera celebration, e.g.
Día de los Santos Reyes, for one
Glendale's __ Bowl
Holiday party
Jose's party
Merry event
Major party
Religious holiday, in Madrid
Celebration in Chihuahua
One of the bowls
Kind of ware
Jose's holiday
Panama party
Party, south of the border
Type of earthenware
Temple's ___ Bowl
Gala in Galicia
Football bowl
Celebration in Cádiz
Tijuana gala
Holiday, in Honduras
Gay affair.
Monterrey gala.
Holiday in Seville.
Saint's day.
Celebration in old Monterrey.
A Spanish holiday.
Gala celebration.
Holiday in Spain.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.