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Crossword Clues for FILE

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Clue Source Date
Put in a folder LA Times Daily 23 Nov 2020
Submit dossier The Sun Two Speed 09 Nov 2020
Rasp The Sun Two Speed 09 Nov 2020
Manicure tool USA Today 04 Nov 2020
Record collection Wall Street Journal 28 Oct 2020
One may be scanned for viruses Universal 28 Sep 2020
Word ladder, part 3 New York Times 20 Sep 2020
Do clerical work Thomas Joseph 18 Sep 2020
Desktop document Newsday 22 Jul 2020
Arrange alphabetically Jonesin 21 Jul 2020
Submit to the IRS Universal 16 Jul 2020
Keep in a cabinet folder Newsday 13 Jul 2020
Dossier, e.g The Washington Post Sunday 05 Jul 2020
PC document Jonesin 09 Jun 2020
Info in a folder LA Times Daily 01 Jun 2020
Folder; rasp The Times Concise 10 Apr 2020
Something to open or save USA Today 23 Mar 2020
Email attachment Universal 14 Mar 2020
Submit copy and do clerical work The Sun Two Speed 28 Feb 2020
Keep in a folder Newsday 21 Oct 2019
Item in a folder The Washington Post 25 Sep 2019
Do a secretary's job Family Time 15 Sep 2019
Dossier Eugene Sheffer 19 Aug 2019
Put in order for fish meal without mash Irish Times Crosaire 03 Jul 2019
Computer menu heading The Washington Post 26 Jun 2019
Do a clerical job Thomas Joseph 09 May 2019
Fragment of sci-fi legacy produced by partner of Rank Irish Times Crosaire 10 Apr 2019
Do a tax task Premier Sunday 10 Mar 2019
Manicurist's tool Universal 19 Feb 2019
Put away for future reference The Washington Post 14 Feb 2019
Smoothing tool Universal 19 Jan 2019
Cabinet selection? New York Times 09 Dec 2018
PDF or MP3 USA Today 06 Nov 2018
Fingernail-smoothing tool Newsday 30 Jul 2018
Computer folder item The Washington Post 17 Jul 2018
JPEG or MP3 USA Today 05 Jun 2018
Piece of steel I fix on the way over as a rasp The Sun Two Speed 17 Feb 2018
Emery board The Sun Two Speed 17 Feb 2018
Do a secretarial chore Universal 19 Jan 2018
Submit a return Newsday 07 Jan 2018
Meet the April 15 deadline USA Today 19 Dec 2017
Rank partner The Washington Post 01 Dec 2017
It may have a .doc extension USA Today 14 Sep 2017
Escape tool secreted in a cake, in cartoons New York Times 23 Aug 2017
Circular ___ (wastebasket) USA Today 22 Apr 2017
'___ and Forget' (classic humor piece by James Thurber) New York Times 19 Apr 2017
What you can do to all of the starred answers Wall Street Journal 17 Apr 2017
Store accessibly LA Times Daily 18 Feb 2017
The FBI may have one on you USA Today 11 Feb 2017
Mani-pedi implement Newsday 26 Jan 2017
Dosssier The Telegraph Quick 16 Jan 2017
Paperwork task Universal 08 Jan 2017
"___ and Forget" (classic humor piece by James Thurber)
Fingernail smoother Newsday 27 Dec 2016
Something on a disk LA Times Daily 29 Oct 2016
Menu bar heading New York Times 08 Oct 2016
Woodworking tool LA Times Daily 16 Sep 2016
Arrange in a cabinet Jonesin 23 Aug 2016
Toolbar heading Newsday 28 Apr 2016
Dossier; line of people The Times Concise 24 Mar 2016
Nail salon need Universal 22 Mar 2016
Organizer Jonesin 09 Feb 2016
Folder's locale Eugene Sheffer 16 Oct 2015
Submit one's taxes LA Times Daily 06 Oct 2015
Manicurist's device Eugene Sheffer 05 Sep 2015
Folder's contents Newsday 28 May 2015
Folder contents Eugene Sheffer 04 May 2015
Line on board produced by tool The Telegraph Cryptic 16 Jan 2015
Take the edge off New York Times 16 Jan 2015
Folder; line The Times Concise 12 Jan 2015
Cabinet member?
Submit, as to the IRS
Folder filler
Use an emery board on
Store in a folder
Record holder
Fingernail shaper
Nail shaper
It's often left hanging
MP3, e.g.
Manicurist's need
Where manager keeps documents
Clichéd prison contraband item
Do an office task
Where a manager keeps documents
Thing in a folder
Blacksmith's tool
Register as a candidate
Put in the archives
Beauty-shop tool
Submit formally
Grind, in a way
Work on nails
Hard drive item
Something to keep tabs on
Secret Service dossier
Document place
Do some manicuring
Carpentry tool
Do a taxing task?
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.