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Crossword Clues for FINI

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Clue Source Date
Done, in Dijon Universal 09 Sep 2020
Done, in Dunkirk Wall Street Journal 12 Dec 2019
Done: Fr New York Times 28 Nov 2019
Wrapped up, in Paris New York Times 17 Oct 2019
It's over in France The Washington Post 18 Sep 2019
''C'est __!'' (It's over!'') Newsday 13 Sep 2019
Done, in France Premier Sunday 28 Jul 2019
Over, to Odette New York Times 09 Jan 2019
Done, in Verdun The Washington Post 30 Dec 2018
It's done in Paris LA Times Daily 29 Jan 2017
Done: Fr.
'Done!' The Washington Post 02 Nov 2016
What's done in Haiti? New York Times 27 Oct 2016
Concluded, in Cannes Wall Street Journal 10 Sep 2016
Done, to Dumas Wall Street Journal 02 Apr 2016
Pierre's "Done!"
It's done in parts of Switzerland
Over, overseas
Artiste's "Done!"
Artist's "Done!"
Done, in Dordogne
Complete, in Cannes
Monet's "Done!"
All done, in Verdun
Completed, in Caen
Done, in Deauville
Portrait artist's "Done!"
Foreign film ender
It's done in France all the time
Done in Dijon
Over, in Aix
Ended, to Tati
Over: Fr.
C'est ___ (done)
Over, in Metz
Ended, in France
Over, in Paris
Over, in France
Ended, French style.
Over, in France.
Ended: Fr.
Concluded: Fr.
Ended: French.
River draining Lake Leopold II in Belgian Congo.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.