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Crossword Clues for FLEES

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Clue Source Date
Escapes, as from jail Family Time 09 Nov 2020
Heard insects in leaves The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Sep 2020
Runs New York Times 17 Sep 2020
Runs away USA Today 22 Aug 2020
Absconds LA Times Daily 18 Apr 2020
Runs off The Washington Post Sunday 01 Mar 2020
Goes on the lam Newsday 23 Feb 2020
Gets out of Dodge USA Today 30 Aug 2019
Splits lickety-split New York Times 02 Jun 2019
Escapes leaping insects reportedly The Sun Two Speed 02 May 2019
Makes a run for it USA Today 17 Jan 2019
Skips town The Chronicle of Higher Education 30 Nov 2018
Escapes Universal 15 Oct 2018
Gets away in a hurry Newsday 11 Apr 2018
Runs for it USA Today 19 Feb 2018
Heads for the hills
Takes off Universal 10 Oct 2017
Bolts Wall Street Journal 22 Jun 2017
Hightails it Thomas Joseph 03 Jun 2017
Hightails it as it feels odd Irish Times Crosaire 28 Sep 2016
Learner charges outside and runs off The Sun Two Speed 22 Jan 2016
Bolts, absconds The Sun Two Speed 22 Jan 2016
Skedaddles LA Times Daily 10 Jun 2015
Leaves in a hurry Newsday 26 Apr 2015
Gets away
Makes tracks
Bugs out
Gets outta Dodge
Jumps bail, say
Gets out of town
Turns tail
Gets the heck out
Cuts out
Tries to get away
Takes flight
Makes an escape
Escapes in a hurry
Takes a powder
Runs in panic
Skips bail
Gets lost
Makes one's getaway
Turns tail.
Takes to the hills.
Runs away.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.