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Crossword Clues for FLUTE

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Clue Source Date
Wind instrument The Telegraph Quick 16 Nov 2020
One may be raised at a wedding LA Times Daily 08 Nov 2020
Piccolo cousin Universal 04 Aug 2020
High-pitched woodwind instrument Irish Times Simplex 17 Mar 2020
Loud instrument that's in the woodwind? The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Feb 2020
High-pitched woodwind Newsday 27 Jan 2020
Slender bit of stemware The Washington Post 03 Nov 2019
Glass; instrument The Telegraph Quick 03 Aug 2019
Champagne holder Wall Street Journal 13 Jul 2019
Wind instrument commonly played horizontally The Washington Post 27 May 2019
Tall, slender wineglass New York Times 07 Mar 2019
Narrow wineglass The Telegraph Quick 21 Feb 2019
Musical instrument The Sun Two Speed 02 Dec 2018
Left university smashing champagne glass The Sun Two Speed 02 Dec 2018
Instrument in much Jethro Tull music USA Today 04 Sep 2018
Fine old instrument used to make glass The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Aug 2018
Champagne glass Eugene Sheffer 09 Feb 2018
Toaster's vessel Wall Street Journal 02 Dec 2017
Instrument; glass The Telegraph Quick 31 Oct 2017
Woodwind that's reedless USA Today 10 Oct 2017
Instrument dating to the Paleolithic age The Washington Post 30 Sep 2017
Woodwind in Jethro Tull music USA Today 18 Sep 2017
Slender instrument Family Time 10 Sep 2017
Piccolo's cousin USA Today 05 Sep 2017
Glass with bubbles New York Times 26 May 2017
Member of the woodwind section Wall Street Journal 18 May 2017
Loud stringed instrument -- or one in the woodwind section The Telegraph Cryptic 14 Jun 2016
High wind? LA Times Daily 07 May 2016
Instrument with keys The Chronicle of Higher Education 04 Sep 2015
Magical item in a 1791 opera LA Times Daily 06 Aug 2015
Mozart's was magic
Orchestra member
Mozart's magic instrument
Fancy glass
Marching band instrument
High-pitched wind instrument
Cylindrical tooter
Mozart's "The Magic ___"
Mozart's "The Magic ___ "
Toaster's glass
Piccolo, e.g.
Marching-band instrument
Rampal's instrument
Mozart's is magic
Marcher's instrument, perhaps
Tootler's need
Container for a toaster
New Year's Eve clinker
Galway's instrument
Tall glass
Piccolo kin
Toast glass
High wind
James Galway's instrument
lan Anderson's instrument
Instrument with fingerholes
Marcher's instrument
Jean-Pierre Rampal's specialty
Galway.s instrument
"Peter and the Wolf" bird
Dom Perignon holder
Ian Anderson's instrument
Instrument for Galway
Ornamental groove
"The Magic ___"
Grooved or ridged pleat
Fife's relative
Mozart instrument
Groove in a pillar
Groove in a shaft.
Ruffle groove.
Ornamental groove.
Wind instrument.
Channel or groove.
Slender wineglass.
Musical instrument.
Bach often wrote for this instrument.
A wind instrument or a kind of flyboat.
Instrument accompanying Lucia's aria.
Eric Dolphy's instrument
Bar glass
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.