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Crossword Clues for FORT

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Clue Source Date
Lead-in to "Wayne" or "Worth" Universal 15 May 2020
Cavalry outpost Newsday 13 Apr 2020
Stronghold in Banff or Toronto The Sun Two Speed 20 Mar 2020
Citadel The Sun Two Speed 20 Mar 2020
Construction project on a snow day Universal 03 Mar 2020
Snow construction New York Times 09 Feb 2020
Moron leaves front room of castle Irish Times Crosaire 06 Dec 2019
Pillow construction USA Today 02 Dec 2019
Cavalry's place Family Time 04 Nov 2019
Garrison Eugene Sheffer 29 Oct 2019
Knox or Dix Universal 20 Oct 2019
Kids' snow construction Family Time 30 Sep 2019
Military post Wall Street Journal 26 Jun 2019
Defense in a snowball fight New York Times 12 Feb 2019
Sumter or McHenry USA Today 04 Nov 2018
Snow structure USA Today 31 Aug 2018
Boot camp locale USA Today 11 Jun 2018
Bragg or Hood USA Today 02 Jun 2018
Stronghold New York Times 12 Apr 2018
Kid's creation out of pillows New York Times 14 Jan 2018
Dix or Knox USA Today 28 Dec 2017
Army post Thomas Joseph 25 Dec 2017
One might be made of sheets and pillows The Washington Post 19 Oct 2017
Frontier outpost Universal 18 Oct 2017
Frontier protection The Washington Post 10 Sep 2017
Snow ___ (kids' winter construction) New York Times 04 Sep 2017
Oater outpost USA Today 23 Aug 2017
Cavalry base Wall Street Journal 26 Jun 2017
Defensive structure Canadiana 08 May 2017
Military building supporting regiment finally The Telegraph Cryptic 05 May 2017
Military base Universal 01 Apr 2017
Bragg or Bliss The Washington Post 10 Feb 2017
Castle The Guardian Quick 26 Jan 2017
___ Ticonderoga New York Times 09 Jan 2017
Defensive post The Washington Post 28 Nov 2016
Strong position seen in one part of London paper, initially The Telegraph Cryptic 29 May 2016
Banks for the most part offering a stronghold Irish Times Crosaire 12 Mar 2016
Defense installation Newsday 19 Feb 2016
Baltimore's ___ McHenry New York Times 15 Feb 2016
Benjamin Harrison, e.g The Washington Post 03 Feb 2016
__ Knox LA Times Daily 04 Jan 2016
Military outpost Newsday 29 Dec 2015
___ Lauderdale, Fla New York Times 14 Dec 2015
Cavalry post Wall Street Journal 19 Oct 2015
Baltimore's McHenry Universal 30 Sep 2015
Something to hold down Newsday 07 Aug 2015
Defense structure The Chronicle of Higher Education 27 Feb 2015
Toadies hometown ___ Worth, TX
___ Lauderdale, Fla.
Bragg, for one
Setting for 76-Down
Worth or Wayne
Tree construction
Knox, for one
Baltimore's McHenry, for one
Western setting
Old West defense
Oater stronghold
Jackson or Jefferson
Snow day construction, maybe
Army outpost
Hip-hoppers ___ Minor
Old fur trader's locale
Military installation
With 43-Down, storied Bronx station house
Old West trading post
Besieged building
Base for troops
Defense in a snow fight
It's often made out of sheets or snow
Siege site
*Locale in a western
Bliss, e.g.
Frontier trading post
Setting for "F Troop"
__ Sumter
Oater defense structure
Military stronghold
Knox or Sumter, e.g.
__ Wayne
Knox or Bragg
Bragg or Dix
Place for a battery?
Benning or Carson
Ticonderoga, e.g.
With 41-Across, 58-Across locale
McHenry, e.g.
Private posting
Oater post
Military structure
Oater staple
Military defense
Snow creation
Certain snow construction
Laramie or Sumter
Benjamin Harrison, e.g.
Army base
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.