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Crossword Clues for FRA

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Clue Source Date
Monk's title Eugene Sheffer 03 Oct 2020
Monkly title Premier Sunday 20 Sep 2020
Lobster __ Diavolo Newsday 19 Jul 2020
Composer César's half brother? The Telegraph Toughie 09 Jul 2020
Fraternal, abbr Canadiana 16 Dec 2019
What to call some brothers Newsday 30 Nov 2019
Address in an order Wall Street Journal 23 Nov 2019
Monk's address The Washington Post 31 Oct 2019
Lobster ___ diavolo New York Times 09 Jun 2019
___ Angelico Universal 01 Jun 2019
Address for a monk Jonesin 23 Apr 2019
— diavolo (pasta sauce) Premier Sunday 31 Mar 2019
Brother's title Wall Street Journal 02 Mar 2019
Monastery bro Canadiana 17 Dec 2018
Title for an Italian monk Wall Street Journal 19 Nov 2018
Brother Canadiana 24 Sep 2018
Lobster ___ Diavolo USA Today 25 Apr 2018
Monastery title The Washington Post 05 Nov 2017
Bro Canadiana 11 Sep 2017
Clerical title Premier Sunday 20 Aug 2017
Angelico or diavolo lead-in The Chronicle of Higher Education 04 Aug 2017
Order member New York Times 30 Jul 2017
Shrimp ___ diavolo The Chronicle of Higher Education 09 Jun 2017
Abbey address Wall Street Journal 23 Feb 2017
Lobster ___ diavolo (Italian dish) New York Times 26 Dec 2016
Dominican title Wall Street Journal 05 Nov 2016
___ diavolo (sauce) New York Times 08 Sep 2016
Italian monk Premier Sunday 31 Jul 2016
Angelico's title The Washington Post 12 Mar 2016
Religious title New York Times 14 Jun 2015
Address for a brother USA Today 16 May 2015
Brother (but not a bro) New York Times 14 May 2015
Dominican address Wall Street Journal 02 Jan 2015
Italian monk's title
Italian clerical title
Italian title
18th/19th-century Neapolitan guerrilla __ Diavolo
Monastic title
Brother's address
___ diavolo
Venetian mapmaker ___ Mauro
Abbey title
Brother in a monastery
Monastic address
Celibate brother
Renaissance painter __ Angelico
Brotherly address
Title in a monastero
1998 World Cup champs: Abbr.
___ diavolo (spicy sauce)
Robert Browning's "___ Lippo Lippi"
Lobster __ diavolo
Dom alternative
Angelico's address
Title for a monk
With 79-Down, 15th-century Florentine painter
How to address a brother
Mendicant title
Host of the 1924, 1968 and 1992 Winter Olympics: abbr.
"___ Diavolo" (Auber opera)
Term of address in a monastery
Italian brother
Roman Catholic title
Painter ___ Angelico
"___ Lippo Lippi" (Browning)
Title for a Italian friar
Title for Italian monks
Title in a monastery
Title for a Dominican
Monastery man
Browning's Lippo Lippi, e.g.
___ Diavolo (how lobster can be served)
Monastery address
Title for Angelico
Filippo Lippi, for one
Dom Perignon, e.g.
Browning's "___ Lippo Lippi"
Painter Angelico
Pisa monk's title
___ Bartolommeo (Italian painter)
Title for a brother
Benedictine title
___ AngeIico
Man in an order
Title used in a monastery
Brothers' title
Monk moniker
He's taken a vow
Brotherly name in Italy
Man who's taken a vow
Lippo Lippi's title
Lobster -- Diavolo
___ Angelico (Italian painter)
Monk title
__ Mauro: lunar plain
___ Diavolo (seafood sauce)
Tonsured fellow
Catholic title
__ Diavolo
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.