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Crossword Clues for FRAN

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Clue Source Date
Actress Drescher Newsday 21 Oct 2020
San ___ (California city, informally) New York Times 12 Oct 2020
Humorist Lebowitz Eugene Sheffer 19 Sep 2020
'Metropolitan Life' author Lebowitz The Washington Post Sunday 16 Aug 2020
Actress Drescher of 'The Nanny' New York Times 25 Mar 2020
Drescher or Tarkenton Eugene Sheffer 18 Mar 2020
Football great Tarkenton Newsday 22 Dec 2019
Writer Lebowitz Universal 23 Oct 2019
Drescher of 'UHF' The Washington Post Sunday 01 Sep 2019
'The Nanny' portrayer Drescher Jonesin 13 Aug 2019
'60s-'70s quarterback Tarkenton The Washington Post 29 Oct 2018
Vikings Hall of Famer Tarkenton The Chronicle of Higher Education 28 Sep 2018
Sardonic writer Lebowitz Wall Street Journal 16 Jun 2018
Male or female nickname Newsday 27 Apr 2018
Human member of an old TV trio New York Times 10 Nov 2017
Drescher of "The Nanny" USA Today 27 Jul 2017
'Metropolitan Life' essayist Lebowitz Wall Street Journal 08 Jul 2017
Grid great Tarkenton USA Today 13 May 2017
Ollie's friend on old TV New York Times 28 Apr 2017
Drescher of 'The Nanny' Premier Sunday 25 Dec 2016
Football Hall-of-Famer Tarkenton New York Times 09 Oct 2016
"Social Studies" author Lebowitz LA Times Daily 25 Sep 2016
Football's Tarkenton Wall Street Journal 30 Aug 2016
Sardonic Lebowitz Premier Sunday 31 Jul 2016
Former quarterback Tarkenton The Washington Post 12 Nov 2015
San ___ New York Times 25 Jul 2015
Kukla and Ollie's friend
Drescher or Lebowitz
QB Tarkenton
"The Nanny" actress Drescher
"Kukla, ___ and Ollie"
Tarkenton of football
Comical Drescher
___ Fine, "The Nanny" nanny
Funny Drescher
"Happily Divorced" actress Drescher
Actress Drescher of "The Nanny"
Tarkenton of three Super Bowls
Ex-Viking Tarkenton
Ollie's human friend
Hall of Fame quarterback Tarkenton
Ollie and Kukla's friend
Nasal-voiced actress Drescher
Memorable 1996 hurricane along the Eastern Seaboard
Memorable 1996 hurricane
Nasal "Nanny"
Quarterback Tarkenton
"Saturday Night Fever" actress Drescher
"The Nanny" role
"The Nanny" name
Kukla and Ollie's pal
Kukla's lady
'The Nanny' star Drescher
Drescher of TV
Kukla's human friend
Pal of Kukla
Friend of Kukla and Ollie
Kukla's friend
Journalist Lebowitz
"The Nanny" star Drescher
Nasal comic Drescher
Companion of Kukla and Ollie
Friend of Kukla
San ___ (California city, familiarly)
Ollie's friend
Former QB Tarkenton
Pal of Ollie
Friend of Ollie
Kukla, ___ and Ollie
TV nanny's first name
Ms. Drescher
"The Nanny" portrayer Drescher
Title character of TV's "The Nanny"
Drescher, of "The Nanny"
Tarkenton the Viking
"The Nanny" nanny
Actress Drescher from Queens
Kukla's pal
Kuklapolitan Players member
Tarkenton of Minnesota
First name of TV's "The Nanny"
Ollie s pal
Lebowitz or Tarkenton
Pal of Kukla and Ollie
Middle of an old children's trio
Scrambling Tarkenton
One of Kukla's pals
Lebowitz or Drescher
Hall-of-Famer Tarkenton
Kukla's companion
Drescher of "The Beautician and the Beast"
Middle of a TV trio
Acerbic humorist Lebowitz
Ollie's biggest friend
Companion of OIlie
Converser with Kukla and Ollie
One-time Kukla associate
Kukla friend
Allison of TV fame
Puppeteer Allison
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