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Crossword Clues for FROST

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Clue Source Date
Icy coating on a window Newsday 15 Sep 2020
Cold-morning ground coating Family Time 03 Aug 2020
Winter blanket for amazingly holy person The Sun Two Speed 17 Jul 2020
Frozen dew The Sun Two Speed 17 Jul 2020
What cold weather may bring New York Times 13 Jul 2020
Put icing on LA Times Daily 09 Feb 2020
Winter window coating Thomas Joseph 25 Dec 2019
Wintry coating Wall Street Journal 18 Nov 2019
'Mending Wall' poet The Washington Post 20 Oct 2019
"Mending Wall" poet LA Times Daily 20 Oct 2019
Winter blanket for terribly good man The Sun Two Speed 17 Sep 2019
'The Road Not Taken' poet New York Times 20 Aug 2019
Cold coating USA Today 11 Aug 2019
Rime The Telegraph Quick 10 Jul 2019
White coat New York Times 16 Jun 2019
Jack who creates winter window art USA Today 20 Apr 2019
It really bites Universal 25 Feb 2019
Poet who used the starts of 24-, 41- and 55-Across to describe the woods The Washington Post 31 Jan 2019
"The Road Not Taken" poet
Sign of winter Universal 03 Aug 2018
Jack ___ New York Times 12 May 2018
Sign of cold weather Universal 05 May 2018
Frigid formation Universal 17 Feb 2018
Window coating Thomas Joseph 22 Nov 2017
Frozen deposit The Times Concise 20 Oct 2017
Source of 24, 44 and 64 Across ... or, with 9 Across, factor in pothole formation that's a hint at the visual irregularities of those three entries The Chronicle of Higher Education 20 Oct 2017
Ice, as a cake New York Times 25 Sep 2017
Crop killer Thomas Joseph 26 Jul 2017
"Punkin" covering, in poetry USA Today 03 Jul 2017
Example of 65-Across and 39-Down New York Times 11 Jun 2017
Ice crystals forming a white deposit Irish Times Simplex 18 May 2017
Poet Robert who spoke at J.F.K.'s inauguration New York Times 16 Jan 2017
Punkin covering of poetry USA Today 21 Nov 2016
Icy coating The Washington Post 04 Nov 2016
1977 Nixon interviewer The Chronicle of Higher Education 30 Sep 2016
Winter windshield coating Newsday 26 Jul 2016
Back on street, temperature below zero The Guardian Cryptic 13 Jun 2016
Poet's winter coat The Times Cryptic 28 Apr 2016
Concern for a fall gardener New York Times 22 Mar 2016
'Birches' poet Wall Street Journal 10 Feb 2016
Ice crystals on windowpanes Wall Street Journal 14 Sep 2015
Icy deposit The Telegraph Quick 24 Jul 2015
Winter coating Newsday 17 Jun 2015
Cold-morning pumpkin coating LA Times Daily 16 Jun 2015
Interviewer whose memorial stone is the most recent addition to Poets' Corner in Westminster Abbey The Chronicle of Higher Education 13 Mar 2015
First Poet Laureate of Vermont LA Times Daily 13 Mar 2015
Hoar The Telegraph Quick 04 Feb 2015
Autumn pumpkin coating
Scraper's target
Crop enemy
Winter coat?
Cover (as a cake)
Cold condensation
With 30-Across, drama based on '70s presidential interviews
Winter covering
Cover a cake
Cold covering
Chilly coating
He famously asked "Why didn't you burn the tapes?"
Four-time Pulitzer winner
Nose nipper Jack
Finish, as a cake
Winter blanket?
Nixon interviewer
"Punkin" cover
Crop bane
Dew's chilly cousin
Winter window covering
Top in a bakery
Poet whose epitaph reads "I had a lover's quarrel with the world"
Cold coat
Pumpkin cover
Jack or Robert
Autumn event
Ice crystals
Fall coat
"Punkin" coverer
Winter dew
Do a bakery job
"Dust of Snow" poet
Poet who spoke at Kennedy's inauguration
First poet to read at a presidential inauguration
1961 inauguration speaker
Cover, as a cake
Tiny ice needles
Plant bane
Knighted interviewer
Citrus grower's bane
American poet Robert ___
Winter forecast
"Birches" poet Robert
Highlight hair
Winter sign
JFK's favorite poet
Sign of autumn
Emmy-winning interviewer
1960 inauguration speaker
"A Boy's Will" writer
Author of "Birches"
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.