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Crossword Clues for FRY

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Clue Source Date
Cook in a pan, maybe Universal 22 Oct 2020
Really overdo the sunbathing New York Times 03 Oct 2020
Cook bacon, in a way Jonesin 29 Sep 2020
Saute Eugene Sheffer 19 Sep 2020
Cook in oil The Telegraph Quick 01 Sep 2020
Cook in fat USA Today 10 Aug 2020
Fast-food morsel USA Today 27 Jul 2020
Make tempura, say Wall Street Journal 15 Jun 2020
Make tempura Thomas Joseph 02 Jun 2020
Side dish piece The Washington Post 26 Apr 2020
Prepare, as tater tots Universal 22 Apr 2020
Get burned New York Times 14 Mar 2020
Bake alternative The New Yorker 09 Mar 2020
Cook; young fish The Times Concise 29 Nov 2019
A way of cooking Canadiana 25 Nov 2019
Prepare, as spring rolls Universal 24 Nov 2019
One way to cook Newsday 27 Oct 2019
Cook chicken, in a way Family Time 23 Sep 2019
Swelter The Washington Post 09 Aug 2019
Get too much sun USA Today 13 Jul 2019
Cook, as donuts Universal 28 Apr 2019
Cook onion rings Universal 13 Jan 2019
Word with small or fish New York Times 26 Dec 2018
Morsel at the bottom of a fast-food bag Jonesin 06 Nov 2018
Cook, as spring rolls The Washington Post 10 Oct 2018
Get sunburned, so to speak USA Today 04 Aug 2018
Sauté Thomas Joseph 25 Jul 2018
Stay too long in the sun Wall Street Journal 12 May 2018
Cook in deep fat The Washington Post 23 Apr 2018
Cook in a basket, maybe USA Today 22 Apr 2018
Prepare with a skillet Newsday 15 Apr 2018
Cook, in a way The Washington Post 13 Apr 2018
One way to cook an egg Family Time 11 Feb 2018
Cook in a wok The Washington Post 04 Feb 2018
Make sizzle Universal 02 Dec 2017
Fish cookout Universal 30 Oct 2017
Base fig New York Times 31 Aug 2017
Young fish Canadiana 07 Aug 2017
Saut Eugene Sheffer 07 Aug 2017
Fix eggs, maybe Jonesin 18 Jul 2017
'Frizzle ___' (1990 Primus album) Jonesin 30 May 2017
Cook, as Colonel Sanders did USA Today 29 May 2017
Prepare Oreos at a fair, say USA Today 16 May 2017
Stephen --, comedian, actor, writer and presenter The Telegraph General Knowledge 16 Apr 2017
I could be small but as an actor I'm not The Times Specialist 14 Apr 2017
French ___ New York Times 22 Jan 2017
Fish ___ New York Times 06 Jan 2017
"French" or "stir" follower Family Time 12 Dec 2016
Sizzle in the kitchen? Family Time 11 Dec 2016
Cook fish in a pan Family Time 06 Nov 2016
Use a skillet USA Today 28 Sep 2016
Cook in hot oil Newsday 30 Aug 2016
Get sunburned Wall Street Journal 12 Jan 2016
Use a wok Eugene Sheffer 03 Nov 2015
Food item dipped in ketchup New York Times 13 Sep 2015
Small fish queen's taken from boat The Times Cryptic 03 Sep 2015
Baby salmon Canadiana 03 Aug 2015
Linger in the hot sun New York Times 02 Aug 2015
Make onion rings Jonesin 19 Feb 2015
Word after fish or French New York Times 20 Jan 2015
Sunbathe too long
Suffer a surge, as a computer
Boil in oil
Prepare in a pan
Utilize a wok
Cook in grease
Cook bacon
Cook an egg, in a way
Get too much sun, colloquially
Cook, as bacon
Way to cook
Burn at the beach
Go overboard with sunbathing
Cook on a griddle
Become super-hot
Small ___
Overdo it in the sun
Fish may be served at one
Futurama character
Young salmon
Prepare, as some green tomatoes
Small fish
"Futurama" protagonist
Prepare tostadas
One kind of cook
Primus "Frizzle ___"
Bake, at hot festival show
Suffer from the heat
Cook like the Colonel
Give a wok a workout
"Small" kids
Get too much sun, slangily
Get overly sunburnt
Cook, as onion rings
Cook in a pan
Lie in the sun with suntan oil
Small __ (35 Down)
Prepare, as latkes
One way to cook chicken
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