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Crossword Clues for FUJI

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Clue Source Date
Apple variety originating in Japan Wall Street Journal 23 Nov 2020
Apple variety from Japan Jonesin 03 Nov 2020
Japanese apple variety USA Today 03 Oct 2020
Peak on the 1,000-yen note LA Times Daily 14 Aug 2020
Volcano in central Japan The Telegraph General Knowledge 19 Jan 2020
Apple variety Eugene Sheffer 05 Sep 2019
Crisp hybrid apple Universal 04 Jul 2019
Japanese mountain The Guardian Speedy 19 May 2019
Mountain overlooking Tokyo New York Times 07 Jan 2019
Apple from Japan The Washington Post 24 Jul 2018
Dormant volcano in central Japan The Telegraph General Knowledge 18 Feb 2018
Japan's highest peak Newsday 09 Nov 2017
Big name in camera film New York Times 04 Jul 2017
Name on a blimp New York Times 23 Apr 2017
Japanese volcano Eugene Sheffer 15 Oct 2016
Big name in film LA Times Daily 10 Jul 2015
It's big in Japan New York Times 08 Jul 2015
McIntosh alternative LA Times Daily 21 May 2015
Type of apple Eugene Sheffer 27 Mar 2015
Extinct Japanese volcano — cherry tree The Guardian Quick 07 Feb 2015
Japan's highest mountain
Japanese peak
Honshu peak
Kodak rival
Picturesque Japanese peak
Apple named for a Japanese mountain
Depiction on a Japanese 1000 yen note
Japan's tallest peak
It blew in 1707
Peak near Tokyo
Volcano viewable from Tokyo
Sacred volcano of Japan
Film maker
Popular apple
Honshu's high point
Big film maker
Honshu volcano
Mount represented in the Atari logo
Sacred volcano
Honshu mount
Mount held sacred by pilgrims
Kodak competitor
Digital camera brand
Japansese peak
Sacred peak
Japanese peak, familiarly
Polaroid rival
Japan's highest point
Japanese Volcano
Sight near Tokyo
Honshu peak.
Sight from Tokyo.
Sacred mountain of Japan.
Highest mountain in Japan.
Symbol of Japan
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.